A Guest Chat with Bestiale and Charmeur of Beasts in Winter

Let me tell you something about fae enchantresses

They often have evil senses of humor. Earlier today, I was scheduled to meet one of my favorite bloggers to do an interview. I’d promised her I’d go along because the subjects of the interview might be a tad…prickly? Claws. Fangs. you get the picture.

I didn’t blame her for not wanting to go alone…

especially since the journey involved a dimension shifting portal. Rollercoasters aren’t my thing, and I wasn’t looking forward to that sensation so soon after the last time, but I showed up on time to make the trip, only…no portal. Only disembodied laughter told me I’d been had by Selena Eryaras, the fae enchantress / matchmaker herself.

Eniko, being the champ she is, handled the interview with the beasts on her own and I want to share the results with you. And the best part is that there are no spoilers. If you’re even remotely curious what the beasts are like in their own wintry environment, follow the link below.

My Chat with Bestiale and Charmeur


Make sure to enter Eniko’s drawing on this blog post, and while you’re there subscribe to her book blog and check out her other interviews with me and my characters. Oh, and count on the fact that the fae has other tricks up her sleeve for the rest of the Tangere Tales Trilogy, which will be available in the coming weeks.

Seize the day, baby!

Love, Heather

PS…seriously, you’re going to enjoy this interview. Eniko has guts. 😀


  1. It was such a great adventure Heather! THANK YOU!
    Looking forward to know them better and travel into your new world.

    Maybe you can convince Selena to come for a chat in December? 😀

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