Beasts In Winter

Tangere Tales 1

Book Cover: Beasts In Winter

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Cursed with a beastly appearance by a fae enchantress, Bestiale and Charmeur live a lonely, wintry life in exile until a spirited redhead bursts into their lives—right out of thin air.

Angel Hunter challenges them at every turn, determined to return to her home because she misses her friends and what little family she has left. Though she can’t deny the growing connection she shares with Bestiale and Charmeur, she must refuse them.
With the help of their crafty little sister and a meddling fae enchantress, they’re going to convince her that the Northern Kingdom of Tangere is the only home she could ever want.

When an evil from Angel’s former life finds his way to her new home, intent on her destruction, will the magic of her happily ever after prevail?


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