Dance of the Dragon Sorceress

Tangere Tales 3

Book Cover: Dance of the Dragon Sorceress
Part of the Tangere Tales Trilogy series:

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Basile and Rainger are sworn to defend and foster the baby dragons of the Eastern Kingdom. While searching for the heir to the dragon king’s throne, they fall under the spell of a bewitching brunette. Desire takes a back seat to duty because they must find the baby dragon before it falls into the hands of the evil queen, Draconia.

Seeking shelter from a storm for herself and the odd little stray she picked up, Elaina takes refuge in the stronghold of the Knights of the Order of the Dragon. She’s discovered sound asleep with the tiny dragon king curled up beside her, and mayhem ensues when the prince, the huntsman, and the seven knights learn firsthand she’s not some damsel in distress.

When Draconia learns of the enchanting beauty has stolen the hearts of the men whom she desires for herself, she sets a plan into motion that endangers Basile and Rainger’s love for Elaina before it’s barely begun. 


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