His Tattooed Virgin

Divine Creek Ranch 12

Jayne Sheridan intended to wait until her wedding night to give up “the goods.” One life threatening illness and a decade later, she’s wondering if she’ll ever get married and if she shouldn’t just “go for it” now that she’s cancer-free. Her undeniable attraction to the town tattoo artist has her contemplating getting more than a tattoo.

Seth Carter has crammed a lot of living into his years and had his heart broken in a way that he believes is irrevocable. Jayne confuses and intrigues him but he doesn’t want her to look back with regrets, so he turns down her offer. He doesn’t count on the onslaught of jealousy when Jayne decides to take matters into her own hands. Jayne is his.

When the past treads on his doorstep, can Seth handle unexpected blessings and protect the ones he holds dearest to him?

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“Is that really how you see me? As a hero?”

Oh, hell. There goes that hope. You might as well go for it. You may crash and burn, but at least you won’t have any regrets.


“I know you’re only human. A man.” All man. Stay focused, ninny. “Yes, that’s how I see you. I heard about how you helped when Lily’s ex-husband kidnapped her. Protecting other people. Looking out for others.”

“A hero making his claim on the virgin heroine?” Her pussy quivered at the heat in his piercing blue gaze. At her mute nod, he continued, “I got…caught up in it. You’re a good storyteller.”

Her earlier adrenaline rush and embarrassment, combined with the pleasure she felt at his words, left her feeling off balance. He stroked her knees with his fingertips.

“Think so?” She tugged at her bottom lip with her teeth, her cheeks still very hot.

“Yes. I do. Can I ask you something?” She nodded, filled with curiosity as he took time choosing his words. “Are you the virgin heroine?”

She fidgeted and diverted her gaze over his shoulder as she nodded. Her heart pounded as she waited for the amusement to cross his features, because in this “enlightened” day and age, he was bound to think she was joking.

Seth reached out a hand and gently tilted her chin so she’d meet his gaze. “That’s not something you should feel embarrassed about. I’d never know it from your writing.”

“It is embarrassing. Especially at my age. It’s unheard of.”

Seth shrugged and smiled. “True. But being pure is nothing to be ashamed of. Ever.” She wanted to howl in embarrassment at his word choice, even though he’d hit the nail on the head. “I’d planned to call you this evening to talk about the tattoo but got home too late. Do you still want to do it?”

She very much appreciated the change in the topic of conversation. “Yes. I do.”

“You didn’t say anything about it the other night but I wanted to make sure you knew that if you ever get pregnant, it’ll very likely alter the tattoo.”

“That’s not an issue. I love the design and want it just as it is.”

Checking the time on his phone, he said, “Okay. Why don’t you come after work tomorrow and we’ll do the first session. Bring the drawing with any changes you want made to the design.” He nodded at the book, indicating the sketch, which stuck out of the top. When she opened the book, the receipt from her last trip to Discretion, which she’d used as a bookmark, fell out in her lap. A slight smile crossed Seth’s lips before he schooled it, and she groaned as she grabbed it and slid it back between the pages.

“My mortification is officially complete.” A twinkle glimmered in his eyes, and she found herself giggling. “Well, now that you know everything there is to know about me, holding still for a tattoo that spans my whole torso doesn’t seem like such a big leap after all.”

“Yeah, I think we broke the ice.”

Jayne nodded. “All to hell. Yup.” At least her sense of humor was returning.

“Wear something comfortable that’s easy to get on and off.”

Jayne recalled that she’d be at least partially disrobed while he worked in close proximity to her disrobed self. Jiminy Cricket! His hands all over me! The heat started simmering inside her again at the thought.

Seth stood as she rose from the chair and stroked her warm cheek. “Don’t worry, Jayne. I’ve done tattoos on all parts of the human body. I’ll be very gentle.” His deep, quiet tone sent a wave of longing through her core. Her cunt lips swelled with arousal.

Jayne refused to contemplate how many women he’d had his hands in the past and instead focused on the mental image of his hands on her. Hot moisture trickled from her pussy at the thought of him doing more than just tattooing her.

“I know you would. I mean—I know you will.” Jeez, way to let on what you’re thinking.

Seth paused, and a serious expression crossed his face. “If I’d known it was your journal, I never would’ve continued reading. I should’ve recognized your handwriting.”

Jayne shook her head. “I shouldn’t have left it on the desk. I was mostly upset because I thought you’d judge me for my…hobby.”

Seth grinned, showing teeth and that little dimple again, dazzling her in the process. “I kind of like your hobby.”

Hope rose in her heart. This wasn’t what she’d expected. The last time she’d been in this position, she’d become an ex-fiancée.

“You need your rest. We’ll talk some more tomorrow.” He turned as if to go.

“If I asked, would you be my first?” She didn’t know where the guts to utter the words had come from.

He turned to her and drew near. A little furrow appeared between his eyebrows as though he was troubled. “Are you asking?”

Adult Excerpt

Seth stepped into the dim comfort of Jayne’s bedroom but didn’t see her. A rhythmic sound drew his attention, and he peered around the corner to what must be her bathroom. Standing nude before her vanity, she was brushing out her long hair, which made faint crackling sounds as she drew the bristles through it. Her pink-tipped breasts swayed gently with her movements, and her eyes were heavy-lidded as she gazed at her reflection.

She set the brush down on the vanity and flicked her hair over her shoulders as she reached behind her to remove the necklace she was wearing. She must’ve noticed his presence because she turned from the mirror and walked nude out of the bathroom to him. She turned her back to him and regarded him with sleepy, seductive eyes in the mirror’s reflection on her closet door nearby.

“I can’t get it off. Will you help me, please?”

When she reached back to lift her hair from her neck, the pose was provocative, and he never would’ve guessed she was innocent. Her beautiful, round breasts lifted with the action, and she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, drawing his gaze to the sleek line of her spine and the curve of her lush ass. She was still taking matters into her own tenacious hands. In her lusty, tequila-soaked brain, she was doing her best to tempt him, and it was working.

Her breath left her in light pants as he drew a fingertip up her back until his hand reached hers at the clasp of the necklace. Her delicate scent, a mixture of flowers and woman, soaked into his senses. All the reasons he’d given himself for leaving her untouched went to war with all the reasons he could think of for claiming her. They were both adults, in their mid-thirties, for crying out loud.

But she’s drunk, and this is not going to happen. Not tonight.

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t indulge her a little. He knew it was a slippery slope. He’d thought all bets were off when he found out she was a virgin. He wanted her to have her dream. But she was becoming his dream, and despite what he’d been through and seen in the past, maybe he wanted to be the one to give her what she craved.

He removed the necklace and placed it in the palm she held up. She laid the necklace on her dresser as he slid his hands up her ribcage, over the now-healed outlines of the tattoo, and noted that she watched in the mirror as he cupped her breasts. He’d spent three torturous hours with her laid practically bare before him the week before as he’d tattooed her and hadn’t allowed himself to touch. Tonight he touched.

The solid, sensual weight of her breasts overflowed his hands as he squeezed gently and whispered, “Don’t ever do something so dangerous again, Jayne. When I said no, I never imagined that you’d pull such a crazy stunt. Promise me, never again.”


“Because you’re mine.” He didn’t have the right to demand that of her so suddenly. They hadn’t talked of exclusivity to one another, but he damn sure wanted to when she was in her right mind.

“You said you didn’t want me, didn’t want to—”

“I never said I didn’t want you. I wanted you to have your dream, and I don’t think a drunken one-night stand is what you held out for all this time. You know I wanted you.” He wrapped his arms around her and crushed her to him so she’d be able to feel the diamond-hard shaft she’d inspired. “Never again, Jayne.”

“Never again, Seth.” The words were barely a whisper, but the relief was apparent in her eyes when her gaze met his in the mirror.

Her breathing was rapid as he trapped her nipples between his fingers and tugged while stroking her flesh. Her head fell back against his shoulder, in the little dip that her head fit into perfectly, and she stroked his forearms before raising her hands to his shoulders, letting him have his way. He breathed in the scent of her hair and pressed kisses along the column of her throat. A soft growl emitted from his throat when she rubbed her ass against his aching cock.

He released the satiny warmth of her breasts and trailed his hands down her quivering abdomen, making slow, tantalizing progress. The strands covering her mound in a neat, trimmed fashion were pure, silken seduction as his fingertips strayed downward to her cleft. His breath left him in a hiss, and his cock nearly exploded in his jeans as his fingers were bathed in the slippery-hot juices pooling from her cunt. To be able to slide his cock into that wealth of lush, hot flesh was nearly more temptation than he could bear. He slid a finger over her swollen clit, and she tensed suddenly in his arms, gulping in air and sinking her fingernails into his shoulders. Her cunt clenched spasmodically on his fingertip, and he knew she was very close to climax.

“Please don’t stop,” she whimpered softly, moving against his hand.

She turned her face to his, and he laid his lips on hers and stroked the silken recesses of her mouth. His tongue mirrored what his fingers were doing as he slid his other hand to her pussy and then trapped her clit between two fingers and caressed around and around it until she trembled on the verge. His cock burned to be inside her, and he broke out into a sweat as he fought for control. He sank one fingertip in just a tiny bit and pumped in and out as he rubbed up and down on her clit. Triumph filled him when she arched and tilted her head, cries of ecstasy coming from deep inside her.


Word Count: 89,173

285 Pages

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“For You” by Keith Urban

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