Margot’s Hunger

Divine Creek Ranch 11.2

Margot Heston and Jake Redman have been red-hot for each other since the moment they met. She loves him deeply but fears that he’ll never make a commitment to a hot-tempered woman.

Jake has been enthralled with Margot since first laying eyes on her while she pleasured herself in her bathtub. He likes a woman with a fiery spirit and enjoys setting Margot off just so he can enjoy the view. But lately he’s worried that she wants a happily ever after ménage like her sister, Summer.

Gil James has always had a soft spot for Margot, but because of his friendship with Jake has kept it to himself. When Jake learns his secret, he wants to give Margot a ménage, with Gil’s help. Is it worth the risk of losing his friend and the only woman he’s ever loved to satisfy Margot’s hunger?

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Margot was tense in Jake’s arms, but he couldn’t pinpoint the cause. She’d been more cantankerous lately, and he’d worried that she was trying to find a way out of their relationship. What relationship they had, anyway. He’d never slept all night at her house, and she’d never slept at his. The sex was very satisfying, but it had proven impossible to burrow under the wall she always put up the moment it was over.

He’d also wondered if she felt unfulfilled, especially since she was always around her sister, Summer, and her men, Ace Webster and Kemp Whittier. The idea that had been germinating in his mind came to the forefront again. He glanced at Gil and wondered for the hundredth time if he could prevail on him. Was it worth the risk to their friendship?

She’d seemed out of sorts when he’d approached the table and put his arms around her. Uncharacteristically, she missed a step in the dance.

“Sugar britches?”

“Hmm?” Her reply sounded distracted as she gazed across the dance floor.

To test the theory, he said, “Guess what I’m going to do when I get you home tonight.”

“Hmm?” A statement like that always got her attention, but she just kept her eyes focused across the nightclub.

“I’m going to tie you up and drizzle honey all over you and then lick it off.”

Margot sighed distractedly. “Uh-huh.”

Jake stopped dancing and looked in the direction she was staring, which seemed to startle her. On the other side of  the room was a table full of familiar, single cowboys, several of whom he knew worked at the Divine Creek Ranch. Kane Turnsell and Chad Jordan nodded when he made eye contact. Jake had heard they were in the market for a ménage.

Margot looked befuddled. “What’s the matter? Why did we stop?”

“Is there someone here who you’d rather dance with than me?”

At first, her face registered shock, and then her blonde eyebrows drew together and the hurt in her eyes was like a punch to his gut.

Way to be insecure, Redman.

The hurt quickly changed to anger.

“If I wanted to be on the dance floor with someone else, Jake Redman, rest assured I’d be there. I’ve had plenty of opportunity while the four of you were gabbing like a bunch of old spinsters. Let go of me.” She yanked her hand from his, murmuring, “Fucking asshat,” to herself as she turned to make her way back to the table.

He refused to let go and pulled her back against his chest. “I’m sorry. You were distracted and I thought you were eyeing someone else.”

Or more than one “someone else.”

Margot’s shoulders sagged as he started the steps with her again. “Jake, I can barely keep up with you. Where would I get the energy for dealing with someone else?”

Jake scoffed softly. Margot might profess to not have the energy for dealing with another man, but Jake had seen otherwise. Her stamina was unbelievable, and he loved being on the receiving end of it.

If she was just overworked and needed to relax, a massage might help. He recalled Ethan’s words about the squirting orgasm. He’d said that a massage beforehand would help the woman to relax enough to allow it to happen. Jake sighed, recalling the rest of the instruction, thinking that he liked his balls right where they were.

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too. You’re not really an asshat. I was looking at Rosemary and Evan. They seem so happy.”

Jake glanced at them and nodded. Yeah, Rosemary was really happy…in a ménage with two brothers.

Redman, it’s been on your mind for a while. Why not just ask?

He wasn’t sure it was worth the risk. Hell, what he was contemplating scared even him.

Just as he took a breath to voice the question on his mind, Gil surprised him by tapping his shoulder as the song changed. It didn’t anger him that his friend wanted to cut in like it would’ve if any other man had. He trusted Gil with Margot, but this was the first time he’d ever asked to dance with her.

Test the waters, Redman.

He looked into Margot’s eyes. Would she want to dance with Gil? In the time they’d been dating, Margot had never shown an interest in dancing with other men or paid attention to anyone but him. He raised an eyebrow, silently asking her if it was okay. She nodded and looked up at Gil as he held out his hand.

Jake waited for the territorial feelings to surge as she went into his friend’s arms and…nothing happened. But it wasn’t a lack of feeling that he noted, as if he didn’t care. What he felt bordered on approval as he watched Gil smile down at her and speak softly. She nodded and replied, glancing at Jake, before they moved away on the dance floor.

Jake made his way to the bar and ordered another beer. As he took a sip, Ethan Grant leaned back against the bar, watching The Dancing Pony’s patrons having a good time. He glanced at Jake and spoke quietly so those standing nearby couldn’t hear him. “Could I make a friendly observation?”

Releasing a deep sigh, Jake tipped the bottle to his lips again. Shit, is it that obvious? “Sure.” He respected Ethan, so he’d gladly hear him out.

“You’re not receiving the signals she’s been sending.”

“Not sure I follow, Ethan.”

Ethan turned to face the bar and smiled at Camilla as she passed him a soft drink. “I don’t know how many times I’ve heard you say you’re not the sharing kind. Is that really true?”

Jake met Ethan eye to eye. “I suppose it is. I guess.”

“Do you say that just to get her riled, or do you really mean it? What if Margot wants what she sees her sister enjoying, only she wants it with you?”

Adult Excerpt

“How do we…” She suddenly seemed a little unsure.

Gil smiled and asked, “How was it in your fantasies? This is a first for me, so you tell me.” His heart pounded as Jake held out the opened bottle of oil to put some in his hand.

“You were on your back and Jake was behind me.” She turned to give Jake a pointed look. “And you were amazingly gentle with my tender ass.”

Jake burst into laughter, helping to dispel Gil’s nerves as he laughed with him. Jake finally replied, “Your wish is my command, sugar britches.”

Margot rolled her eyes and smiled at Gil when he leaned down to kiss her pouty lips and murmured, “This is going to be amazing. You wait and see, baby.”

Gil pressed a kiss to her shoulder and kneaded her ass cheek as Jake stroked her back opening. Gil felt a shudder ripple through her as she responded to Jake’s touch.

Jake leaned close to her whispered, “I’m going to take your ass while Gil fills you sweet pussy with his cock.”

Margot responded to Jake, arching against his fingertips. Gil watched as Jake applied more oil to her asshole. She whimpered and he had to bite his tongue to keep control of his reaction to the needy sound.

“Oh, yes, yes.”

Gil gripped her ass cheek gently, and she groaned as Jake massaged her anus more firmly and breached her opening with one digit. Displaying her enjoyment of the sensation, Margot arched against his intrusion, trying to take him deeper, but Jake grasped her hip and wouldn’t allow it.

Impatient with the need to touch her, Gil slid his fingertips down her abdomen and stroked her slippery wet cunt. A soft growl of pleasure rumbled in Gil’s chest as he watched her react to the combined stimulation. Her eyelids slowly slid closed and her head tilted back as she bit her lip.


That single syllable, spoken in such a sultry tone was nearly his undoing as his cock tingled and he gripped the base to get his arousal back under control. “I want you so much, baby.”

She opened her eyes and he could see the need and love there. Her face was so expressive, and he knew he’d do whatever she wanted in a heartbeat.

“Relax for me,” Jake whispered to Margot and she shuddered with a pleased sigh as he prepared her ass for his cock “You’re so tight and hot. That’s right. Let me in.”

She breathed out and groaned as he added another digit, judging by her slightly nervous exhale. Margot panted and made a disappointed sound when he withdrew his fingers from her ass and kissed her shoulder.

Jake motioned to him to lay down on the bed as he shifted behind Margot and reached forward with the bottle of oil in his hand. Gil reclined and stroked his distended cock with the oil Jake had poured into his palm, fighting to maintain self-control as his release threatened. He thought of sliding into her silky, warm pussy and had to bite the inside of his cheek to distract himself, the urge to come was so powerful. He wanted this first experience to be perfect for her.

Jake stroked the side of Margot’s breast as he kissed her then helped her to straddle Gil’s hips. Gil entwined his fingers with hers as she smiled down at him and sighed happily as Jake lubed her opening once more. He could see the lust building in her eyes as Jake massaged her asshole while Gil caressed her pussy.

Margot was even more responsive in reality than she had been in his solitary imaginings. In his fantasies, he’d sometimes been alone making love to her, but he had also indulged in a few in which Jake was also present. So he couldn’t say he’d been taken completely by surprise that Jake had suggested this. They were close and trusted each other, so the natural progression would be to want to care for this passionate woman side by side with him. He was incredibly blessed that she had enough love in her heart for both of them.

Gil heard the lid on the bottle of oil snap closed and a soft groan from Jake as he evidently stroked the lube over his cock to make his entry easy on her. Jake might joke around, but Gil knew he would want this first time with them both to be as easy for her as possible. He might be a kidder, but he wasn’t an asshole.

Margot bent to Gil and smiled as she kissed him. Her taut nipples brushed against the hairs on his chest and sent a ripple of pleasure through him as he stroked her spread thighs.

She lowered herself and rubbed her slick pussy along the length of his cock and whispered, “I’ve wondered so many times what it would be like to be with you both, and now I get to find out. You’re very hard.” She ground her hips, pressing her sex against his, inviting him inside her. Jake looked over her shoulder at him and nodded.

“Ready for me, baby?” Gil whispered.

Her eyes fluttered closed, and she pressed her mound to him as she arched her back, and he thrust against her.

Jake must’ve been watching because Gil heard him utter, “Fuck me, that is hot.”

Gil imagined it looked as hot as it felt as he breached her opening and slid in the first few engulfing, sweltering inches.

Margot gasped, “Oh, baby.” She swirled her hips and braced herself on his pecs as she tugged him with her pussy muscles and then slid down his cock, encircling him in her heavenly softness.

“Yes, baby, take it all.”



Word Count: 24,108

403 Pages (as part of the paperback combining Lucy's Revenge and Margot's Hunger entitled "Divine Creek Ranch" by Heather Rainier)


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