Midnight of the Fae

Tangere Tales 2

Book Cover: Midnight of the Fae

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After discovering an odd little canine while exploring a cave, Caresse stumbles into a world where fae magic and shape shifters are commonplace. She even has her very own distractingly handsome faery bodyguard.

On notice that the queen will pick a bride for him if he won’t cooperate with her plans to become a grandmother, Prince Sebastien wants nothing to do with any of the debutantes his mother keeps pushing at him.

Sebastien’s fae cousin, Leandre has a bombshell of a secret. Her name is Caresse, he’s her faery bodyguard, and he loves her even though she’s meant for Sebastien. Caresse is unaware that she hasn’t just stumbled into the mystical Southern Kingdom of Tangere, she’s actually returned home.

A powerful bond develops between the three of them as she comes into her own unique powers, jeopardizing the plans of an old, malevolent enemy. 



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