The Divine Creek Ranch Collection Boxed Set – Volume 2

Volume 2

Two more early titles in the series have been combined into a boxed set.

This Boxed Set includes the 4th and 5th books in the series: Rosemary's Double Delight and Spurs and Heels.


In Rosemary's Double Delight...

Rosemary Piper is a firecracker, the one who completes them. They’ve loved this fierce little ebony-haired beauty ever since kindergarten, even when she’s being a spoiled rotten brat.

Brothers Wes and Evan Garner still adore Rosemary now that she’s a woman, but Evan has issues. Her mouth gets her in trouble, Evan’s temper gets him in trouble, and even tempered Wes is always caught in the middle. Rosemary won’t tolerate Evan’s controlling ways, especially when he threatens to spank her. Why can’t Rosemary just do as Evan tells her, especially when it’s for her own good? Wes spends his time making peace, when he’d rather make love.

They bring out the worst in each other, and hurt Wes in the process. But she won’t give up because they’re also magical together, when they manage to get along! Add in a hot spanking and something’s gonna have to give. (M/F/M)

In Spurs and Heels...

Ash Peterson falls for Juliana the moment he lays eyes on her. She’s a stereotypical city girl, from her manicure to her high heels. Judging by the sparks that fly between them, he knows there’s a fire burning deep inside the blue-eyed beauty.

Department store manager Juliana Meyers is thrown by her attraction to Ash. Everything about this quintessential cowboy sets her on edge, from his Stetson and mutton chop sideburns down to his dusty boots and spurs. All he’s got to do is walk into a room with those damn things jingling and she’s putty in his hands.

When Ash unintentionally injures Juliana, he feels that it’s his responsibility to look after the hoity-toity redheaded workaholic. He pushes her to re-examine her perfectionist lifestyle, but it’s hard for Juliana, because she’s used to doing things her way. Can she learn to relax and let him lead? (M/F)


You can learn more about the entire bestselling series by downloading the FREE Insider’s Guide to the Divine Creek Ranch Collection. Two great ways to experience Divine, Texas from Heather Rainier and Siren-BookStrand.

Volume 2 Total Combined Word Count: 133,370