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The Dancing Pony Pickup Line…

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A friend of mine by the name of Jackson

came into the Dancing Pony one evening wearing a T-shirt that read, “I Love Hips and Curves.” Now, this shirt is not intended as a joke or to rile up feminists, it’s just a shirt he likes to wear. It’s also a sentiment he believes in. He’s just doing his part spreading the love.

While he was sitting at the bar, a young woman named Resa, who works at the local Parks & Recreation department, walked in and took the only remaining seat at the bar, next to Jackson. After ordering her drink, she looked over at him and smiled. She squinted at his shirt and then grinned.

“Wow, does your girlfriend make you wear that?”

Setting his beer on the bar, Jackson shook his head. “No, ma’am. I bought this T-shirt for myself because I liked it…along with some other things.”

Resa’s eyes popped wide and she nodded as she settled back in her chair. “Oh, I see.”

“Oh, no, ma’am. That came out wrong. I’m not a transvestite.”

She put up a hand and shook her head. “I’m not judging, sir.”

Jackson looked to me for help

and once I was done laughing I said, “I can vouch for him, Resa. There’s nothing but briefs and boxers in this guy’s underwear drawer.”

She gaped at me. “And you know this HOW, Ethan? Does Grace know?”

It was Jackson’s turn to laugh at my expense, and I said, “He doesn’t bat for the other team, and you know I’m head over heels in love with Gracie, and what’s in her drawers, as well.”

Resa choked on her drink. “That may have been too much information, Ethan.”

Right about then I wanted a shot of whiskey. Once everyone had settled down, I looked at Jackson and said, “You should tell Resa your story.”

Jackson shrugged. “I hate sounding pathetic.”

That seemed to pique Resa’s curiosity and she nudged him. “It’s been a long day and I’d love to hear your story. How’d you get that T-shirt?”

Jackson took another sip of his beer and then drew in a deep breath and let it out. “I used to have a girlfriend. Her name was Sheila, and she was curvy, and I do mean curvy. I loved that about her but I knew she was self-conscious about her shape. She was always talking about how she needed to lose thirty pounds.

She didn’t like to undress with all the lights on.”

Resa nodded. “I can just imagine how she felt.”

Jackson nodded and pointed at her drink for me to make her another one as he continued. “It was a crying shame. And she couldn’t understand why I liked her body just the way it was, and I don’t think she ever accepted that I was telling her the truth when I told her I thought she was beautiful, clothed or not. I guess it was the way she was raised, or maybe well-meaning friends.”

Resa nodded again. “My mom was that way, always suggesting salads to me.”

Jackson tilted his head and looked at her, but continued his story. “I wanted to do something to, I don’t know, give her confidence a boost.

I heard about this website called Hips and Curves that sells lingerie and apparel,

and other sexy items in sizes that would fit her. I looked at the website but I had no idea what her actual size numbers were, or how to order the right thing, so I actually called their toll free number and talked to a person on the other end. That nice lady helped me figure out her sizes and made suggestions, and I wound up buying several different things for her. Then the customer service representative mentioned that they had these T-shirts on sale.” He pinched the collar of the black T-shirt he had on. “She said any man who appreciated curves as much as I did should have one. I liked that she actually asked for the sale, so I went for it.”

Resa brightened up. “So it was something you planned to wear to kind of speak up and support the love of women’s curves? Wow,” she said, looking considerably more impressed.

“That’s pretty much it, Resa.

So I put the T-shirt on the day the stuff arrived

and took the box over to her house for her. I should’ve checked in with her before just going over to her house, kind of measure her mood, you know?”

“Was she moody often?” Resa asked as she looked over at me. I gave her a surreptitious nod and widened my eyes. It’s just my opinion but Sheila had a little more than body image issues to work through but I’m not a doctor, so…anyway.

“She could be a touch moody, but I’m easy going so we got on okay. So I show up on her doorstep with a box. She doesn’t notice what my T-shirt says off the bat because the letters are gray and kinda hard to read at first, subtle, you’d say.”

“I noticed,” Resa said. “Okay, so what did she do?”

Jackson slouched a little and I knew the incident still bugged him.

“She looked at the packages, and she…she flipped out. How dare I buy stuff just to make her over or feel guilty. How could I possibly think she’d look sexy in those things? It wasn’t like I’d bought her crotchless panties and a corset, either. I’d bought her soft things like a gown and a robe that would feel good to her, nothing that might make her think I was trying to change her. I was trying to make her feel good, you know?”

“I’m so sorry, Jackson,” Resa said in a sympathetic tone. “Did she notice your T-shirt?”

He shook his head.

By this point Jackson’s cheeks were a little red

and he shrugged and lifted his beer to his lips. “So, I don’t have a girlfriend named Sheila anymore. She never did calm down, threw everything back in the box, handed it to me, and said we were through. She needed the time to work on herself and she was thinking about having some kind of surgery so none of that stuff would fit her anyway, once she was done. I tried to explain but she wouldn’t listen. So, that’s my story.”

Resa had a soft, tender look on her face. “And you still like women with hips and curves after all of that?” Jackson made eye contact with her. I think because something in her tone compelled him to.

“Yeah, I do, especially if they have the confidence to understand they’re beauty isn’t based on a size number. Why do you ask?”

Resa smiled at him and said, “You didn’t notice my dress, did you?”

Jackson smiled as he looked at her dress, which was suitable for business but fit her plush, hourglass figure in a way that was capable of distracting Jackson from any sad memories, which was my goal in bringing up the subject.

“Actually, I was trying not to stare earlier when you came in. It looks nice on you. But am I missing something?”

She lifted her wrist toward him and said, “Feel that?”

He stroked the soft navy blue fabric with his fingertips and said, “That’s nice and soft. What is it?”

A devilish smile curved her lips and she said,

“That’s girlfriend material, honey.”

Jackson chuckled, and she joined him, then he started laughing and she laughed with him. He leaned forward and chastely kissed her cheek and said, “Darlin’, I think I just fell for the oldest line in the book. Care to dance with me?”

“I’d love to.”

I chuckled as Jackson openly admired Resa as he helped her down from her tall chair. Obviously enjoying the attention, Resa stood tall and led him to the dance floor, the sway in her hips showing that she had no lack of confidence in handling her curves. Judging by the attention Jackson paid her the rest of the night, he didn’t either.

©Copyright Heather Rainier 2016

Just a little fun from Hips and Curves

And maybe a little more

And for men who need a little guidance in what to order for their lady

from Hips and curves, see their Tips For Men.

For the curious: I don’t receive any sort of compensation from Hips and Curves. I just really like their products, their website, and the fact that they celebrate the voluptuous woman by hiring curvy models.

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Author Note: 12/29/17 This pickup line story was originally published on my blog in January of 2016. Prior to that, Ethan Grant and I were posting weekly Pickup Lines from the Dancing Pony every Sunday evening on Facebook for a couple of years. Those pickup lines did eventually come to an end, and I published the remaining “shorts” here on my blog.

To be clear, Ethan came up with the ideas and wrote the rough draft and then turned them over to me for editing and embellishment. The result was a tremendously popular weekly feature. I was sad when it ended, but we both had a lot going on at that time and something had to give.

While doing end of year housekeeping on my website, I came upon these Slices of Life from the Dancing Pony. My intention is to re-publish those original FB pickup lines here on the blog.  This one got my attention  and made me giggle. The hero is so sweet, and the heroine is so brave, so I think I’ll start with it. What would you think of a renaissance of all those old pickup lines? I’m going to schedule a few out for the next several weeks and see how readers like them. Let me know what you think.

Love, Heather

If you dance anything like you touch, you might have to carry me back to the bar…

Ethan Grant's Slice of Life from the Dancing Pony

The Dancing Pony pickup line of the week is….


A young man named Rick came in the Dancing Pony this weekend with his companion, a seeing eye dog.

He always sits at the bar. And the dog, Ginger, is responsive to his needs and never barks or causes any problems.

The only challenge we have is keeping the ladies away from Ginger. She’s a beautiful golden lab and friendly but it’s not good to distract a working dog so we have to be careful and watch out for our friend.

Anyway Rick was sitting at the bar having a beer while talking to one of the bartenders. He seemed a little low for some reason and was explaining his woes to the bartender when a young lady came over and sat next to him.

She noticed Ginger and spoke in a sweet tone.

“Hey there, gorgeous.”

The bartender greeted the lady and said, “Please don’t play with Ginger, ma’am. She’s on duty and it’s not good to pet or distract her.”

The lady looked at Rick, nodded in understanding, and said, “Well, I hope that doesn’t apply to the owner because I’d rather distract him than the dog. I’d like to get to know you better before any petting or playing happens, though.”

Rick turned to her, a little embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry. These guys are always looking out for me.”

The bartender leaned in to Rick and said,

“I think your ‘woes’ are about to be ‘wows’, brother. She’s beautiful. I’m not exaggerating. I’ll leave you to it.”

Rick turned to her and said, “My name is Rick.”

“I’m Felicia. I just moved to Divine a couple of months ago from Crystal City. My employer needed me to relocate, so here I am. What about you? How long have you lived here?”

“I was born and raised in Divine, actually. I love this town, even though I’ve never seen it.”

Felicia giggled, and then hesitated. “Oh, gosh, I hope that was a joke.”

Rick laughed and said, “Yeah, my feeble attempt at humor. You’re one of the few people that has ever actually laughed, though. Maybe I should work on my delivery.”

Felicia studied his face for a moment and said, “I think your delivery was just fine. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but does that mean you were born blind or was it something that happened later?”

Rick said, “No, I was born this way. There were complications when I was born. I won’t bore you with details.”

The two talked for a while and then Felicia asked,

“Would you dance with me?”

Rick gulped the last of his beer and then rubbed his jaw. Finally he said, “I don’t know how. I’ve never danced with anyone, except my mom when I was really little and stood on her feet.”

Felicia slipped out of her chair, mindful of ginger’s presence, and took both of his hands in hers. “Good, then you will have to stay close so I can guide you.”

“O-O-Okay,” Rick stuttered, and then said, “But I want you to let me do something when we’re done, if I haven’t broken any of your toes.”

Felicia giggled and said, “What do you have in mind, big guy?”

“Will you allow me to look at you—with my hands, I mean? I know it makes some people uncomfor—”

Before he could finish explaining, Felicia lifted his hands and placed his palms on her cheeks. “I hope you’re not disappointed. I’m no Miss America.”

He ran his fingertips lightly over her face and down her throat, taking his time, and when she didn’t retreat he stroked up to her nape and slid his fingers upward into her hair. She smiled hesitantly, as if bracing for his reaction, but encouraged him by stroking his biceps.

“Wow,” Rick said as he slid his hands over her shoulders. He smiled broadly and shook his head as if he was gathering his wits. “You’re really beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to do that. Now I can see you in my mind’s eye.”

He grinned even wider, as if he liked what he was “seeing.”

Flushed and slightly out of breath, Felicia said, “Are you kidding? That was intense. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I nearly fainted.”

Then Rick stood from his chair and slipped his hand into hers. “Think you can handle me on the dance floor while Ginger takes a break?”

Felicia looked down at their joined hands and said,

“Honey, if you dance anything like you touch, you might have to carry me back to the bar.”

They danced several times that night and Ginger didn’t seem to mind. I think that’s the first time in memory that I’ve called the cab company and cancelled a cab ride home.


She’s got a temper to go along with that red hair of hers…

She’s got a temper to go along with that red hair of hers…

Slices of Life from the Dancing Pony

The Dancing Pony pickup line of the week is….

A couple of cowgirls were sitting at the bar talking about tractors.

I know what you’re thinking but this is common around here, so bear with me. One of the ladies, a redhead, who happens to be mechanically inclined, was explaining some trouble she was having with her John Deere.

Her friend, a brunette, who was obviously glazing over from the topic of conversation, finally said,

“Girl, you seriously need a man, because I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The redhead said, “That’s another problem. All the men I meet are really just looking for someone to cook for them, clean up after them, do their laundry, and play housewife. I can’t stand that stuff and I hate cooking. I need someone who doesn’t mind working a ranch alongside me instead of expecting me to serve their every need.”

All the while, these two cowboys sitting just down the bar were listening in.

One said to the other, “Did you hear that Jake? She’s pretty, with all that red hair. You’re a diesel mechanic. Go introduce yourself to her.”

Jake grinned and said, “Sounds like she’s got a temper to go along with that red hair of hers.”

He didn’t seem all that deterred by the redhead’s temperament.

After some prodding from his buddy, Jake walked over to the two cowgirls and said, “Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but overhear your troubles, ma’am. I’m a mechanic and it sounds to me like you have fuel line problems, maybe a pinched line or a clogged filter, or the like. If you want, I can look at it for you.”

The redhead looked him up and down, and in a sarcastic tone, she replied, “I don’t need your help, cowboy. I—”

Just then she got an elbow in the ribs from her friend, who said, “Hey, give the guy a chance before you go snapping his head off. He might actually be able to help, so put your independence aside for a minute and talk to him. And he’s cute.”

In a voice loud enough for him to hear, the redhead replied, “I know these macho types. I’ll just bet he’d like to impress me with his mechanical know-how.

All men like him really want is some pretty, little thing to cook and clean for him….Or to get laid.”

Undeterred, Jake leaned in close to her and said, “Pretty lady, I was being neighborly. I wasn’t planning to propose. I’m already a good cook. And I have a maid who comes in regularly and cleans for me. And while getting laid will work, I prefer making slow, sweet love. If you’d still like help with your tractor, I’d be happy to look at it. Here’s my card.” He put the card in front of her and she stared at it like a calf looking at a new gate, embarrassment turning her cheeks bright pink.

As Jake walked back to his seat, the brunette gaped at her friend. “What the hell is wrong with you? I know you’re all about being your own woman but get over yourself. He’s sexy as hell and he truly wanted to help you.

No wonder you’re running a ranch all by yourself.”

Looking deflated, the redhead said, “Look, I’m sorry. Maybe I could call him tomorrow and give him a chance at the tractor. I am kind of stuck.” She glanced over at him for a second and it was clear that the tractor was the last thing on her mind.

Her friend said, “I’ll do you one better.” She rummaged around in her purse, pulled out a notepad, and scribbled something on it. Then she got up and went over to the cowboy and gave him the note, chatted amiably with him and his friend for a minute, and then came back.

With the blush still in her cheeks, the redhead said “What was that all about? Are you trying to set me up?”

Her friend said, “YOU? Hell no, Miss Independent Ranch Woman. I need a man!” Then her friend winked and said, “I’m just kidding.

He said he’ll be at your place tomorrow morning at 8:00

to look at the tractor…and whatever else you want ‘fixed’.”

The redhead spewed her beer as laughter erupted between them.

No more was said between the pairs that night but Jake must’ve been one hell of a “mechanic” because he and the redhead came in together the next night and had a great time.

©Heather Rainier 2017


Author’s Note: Hope you enjoyed this Pickup Line from the Dancing Pony. It was originally published on Facebook in 2014. Periodically I’ll be posting more of the old pickup lines for new and old readers alike to enjoy.

Love, Heather

A Super Bowl Shut Out

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This pickup line from the Dancing Pony was timed perfectly for Super Bowl weekend.

Several cowboys were sitting at the bar talking with the bartenders about great moments from past Super Bowls.tumblr_ma9pvuVPgB1qaobbko1_500

One of the cowboys, named Justice, impressed me with the way he could recall quotes from Vince Lombardi about winning and persistence and things like that, and I was reminded that they don’t call it the Lombardi Trophy for no reason. He was not only a great man and a great coach, but also a great motivator.

41kElgvZ0tL__SY300_ While all this discussion was going on,

there was a table of ladies sitting close by. None of the ladies seemed interested in what the men were talking about until Justice said, “My favorite all time quote is ‘Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about. They didn’t do it for the individual glory. They did it because they loved one another.’ That’s got to be the best.”

Justice seemed a little choked up

when he said it like it had a special significance to him. Then all the other cowboys gave him a hard time about being mushy and soft.

A pretty cowgirl named Julia, sitting at the table full of ladies must’ve overheard Justice and came over to him and said, “I recognized that quote you were just saying. That was my grand-daddy’s favorite Lombardi quote, too. He was a big, big Packers fan.

Have you ever read any books about Lombardi?”

Justice said, “Yes ma’am, I have. He’s one of my heroes.”

Then she smiled and said, “I’m Julia. Why don’t we move somewhere a little more private so we can share our favorite Lombardi quotes?”

Justice said “Sure, Julia, I’d like that.”b9a0e7a1bcf441d263d52d475a4214c5

Justice’s buddies took all this in with mouths gaping as he grinned and pushed back his chair.

They both started for a table in the corner but Justice stepped back up to the bar, grinned at his buddies, and said,

“I’m just gonna take my soft and mushy ass over there with that beautiful cowgirl. See you chumps later.”

One of the bartenders started laughing and said, “Gentlemen, I do believe we’ve just been schooled.”

I’ll leave you with my favorite Lombardi quote:

“Confidence is contagious; so is lack of confidence.”

Cheers, y’all!Lombardi-quote





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This one’s not really a pickup line but it was the obvious end result of what must’ve been a successful line at some point in the past. I was sort of “in” on this one so it was fun to watch it all unfold in the Dancing Pony.

As previously planned, a group of women came in during happy hour and they all sat down at a table next to the dance floor. Among their group was a young woman named Mirta (Spanish pronunciation is Meer-tah) who works at a local restaurant. Mirta seemed a little tired to me, as though she’d had a long work day.

The ladies ordered a pitcher of Divine Margaritas and one of her friends poured one for Mirta and set it in front of her first. While they talked and had a good time, a couple of them kept a look out.

Suddenly, as if on cue they all closed in around Mirta just enough to block her view of the club, just as a cowboy named Domingo, the foreman of a large cattle ranch outside Divine, walked in. Domingo waved at me and Ben, and then walked up to Dave at the DJ booth, talked briefly with him, and then made his way over to Mirta’s table. As had been previously arranged, Dave put on, “Amazed” by Lonestar.

With all her friends gathered around her, Mirta was distracted and couldn’t him standing there. Domingo then took a knee behind them, removed his black felt cowboy hat and held it to his chest, bowed his head, and held up a small, opened box.

The ladies parted, revealing Domingo to Mirta. She laid eyes on him, on bended knee just as this line from the Lone Star song played, “I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side…”

Mirta, who hadn’t smiled since she’d arrived, gasped. Her hands flew to her mouth as she squealed and she jumped out of her seat, practically tackling Domingo with a hug.

Being a good-natured guy, Domingo laughed as he caught her and managed to keep them both from toppling to the floor. “Babydoll, will you make me the happiest man that ever lived and marry me?”

With face pink as he helped her to her feet, Mirta nearly shouted, “Oh, hell yes, I’ll marry you, cowboy!”

Ben started laughing and said, “Wonder what would’ve happened if Dave had played ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ instead.”

While they were dancing to that same song later that night, I was told that it was the first song they’d ever danced to together in the Dancing Pony. Knowing Domingo, his pickup line was probably just as effective.

If you’ve never heard Lonestar’s version of this pop hit, enjoy the video…


Note from Heather Rainier and Ethan Grant…

Thanks for joining us and reading the latest from the Dancing Pony. These “Slices of Life from the Dancing Pony” are really just glimpses into the every night life at the nightclub. They’re written from Ethan Grant’s point of view and then edited (and possibly embellished) by Heather. Because they are written from his perspective, the content isn’t erotic (because how would it look if he popped out of their closet all “Oh, hey, y’all go back to what you were doin’!”) but we do try to make sure you enjoy the way connections are made in the nightclub.

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You Don’t Know Me, But…

Ethan Grant's Slices of Life BannerThis week’s Slice doesn’t involve a pickup “line” so much as a pickup “song.”

This was a gutsy move, especially to those of us who are melodically-challenged. Lucky for Will, he’s not scared of singing in front of a group, or to win a lady’s attention. I think his confidence, choice of song, timing, all played a part in her answer. By timing, I mean he waited until a certain young woman named Amy had had a drink.

Amy was seated at the bar with a female coworker talking about the miserable place they worked at which is a local insurance agency. While they were commiserating, Will walked over to the DJ booth looking determined and convinced Dave the DJ to give him the microphone for a minute. Yes, our DJs can be bought, LOL.

Will walked up to Amy and started singing “Hey Girl” by Billy Currington. He remembered the lyrics and was actually pretty good, especially considering there was no music accompanying him.

Everybody cheered for him after he sang the first verse and the chorus. Amy, who was blushing beet red by the time he finished, said, “Would you like to join me?”

After returning the microphone to Dave, Will sat down and introduced himself to her. They’d been talking for a short time when Amy’s coworker got up to leave.

bigstock-Boots-are-for-Walkin--10686530Looking suddenly worried, Will said, “I’m really sorry if I interrupted your girl’s night out. I know I kind of just busted in while the two of you were talking.”

She chuckled and walked up to Will and said, “Honey, all you had to do was say hello, but I like your style. Amy really likes you.”

She left and the two sat together the rest of the night, when they weren’t on the dance floor. Dave even played “their song” for them. Sometimes I guess it just takes the right song…


From “Hang-dog” to “Howdy, ma’am!”

Ethan Grant's Slices of Life BannerSometimes it’s not what you say but what you do that says something about you and attracts people to you.

One of our semi-regular customers named Robert came in early on a Saturday night looking a little “hang-dog.” He slumped at the bar and ordered a beer.

The bartender, who knew where Robert had just come from said, “How did your team do in the playoffs?”

Robert shook his head and gave him a half-smile. “Well, the boys did great considering that seven of our starters had never played before the season started. If it was all about heart and gumption they deserved to win today. I feel bad for them because they’re such a great bunch of kids.”

Just then a man and his young son of about twelve years of age came in the front door and walked up to Robert. He spoke to Robert briefly, and he and his son shook hands with him, and then handed him something. Judging by his tense body language, Robert was moved by whatever they’d told him.

He thanked the two and then they left. Robert turned back to the bar, misty-eyed and trying to clear the frog from his throat, and set a small trophy on the bar that said “World’s Greatest Coach” on it.

He was still teary-eyed when a young woman named Ashley, who had seen the exchange, came over to him and said, “Are you a little league football coach?”

Robert nodded as he turned to face her, and his whole demeanor changed from “hang-dog” to “howdy-ma’am” in a split second. “Yes, well, I was. The season’s over now.”

bigstock-Glasses-And-Bottles-2744506Ashley smiled as she examined his trophy and became teary-eyed herself. “Wow, you must’ve made a positive impact on them.”

Robert offered her the seat next to him, which she took and he said, “Well, I don’t know about that but they sure had an impact on me.” They chatted for a while and then Robert asked her to dance.

While they were on the dance floor, the bartender looked at me and said, “Something tells me his losing streak has come to an abrupt halt.”

All Materials ©2015 Heather Rainier

Courage When It Counts

Ethan Grant's Slices of Life BannerI’m amazes me that some men have no problem squaring off with another man to fight, but when it comes to asking a lady to dance or to go out with them, they get tongue-tied and allow an opportunity to pass by.

Thankfully for a certain young cowboy named Chet, his idea of how to treat a lady, backed by his courage to stand up for his standards, was more than enough to succeed where so many fail.

From my spot near the beer coolers, I could see that he wanted to talk to a young woman named Samantha, who was sitting at the bar, but he hadn’t found the courage yet.

After a while, another man walked up and demanded a refill of his beer, rudely interrupting Samantha who had waited her turn and was trying to order another drink.

Samantha said, “Excuse me, but I was trying to order.”

Then the man sneered at her and said, “Take it easy, lady, you’ll get your chance. Don’t get your period panties in a twist.”

Before the bartender could respond to this jackass, Chet stepped in and said, “No sir. You will have your chance to get a drink after the lady orders. If you have a problem with that, I suggest we talk about it outside—after you apologize for what you just said to her.”

I could see jerk was about to take a swing at Chet but then he noticed the two bouncers standing right behind our young hero and made a quality decision, which was to apologize and wait his turn.

Happy young couple dancing in night club

Samantha got her order, turned to Chet, introduced herself, and then thanked him and said, “Would you care to join me?”

Chet took off his hat and smiled. “Yes, ma’am, I’d love to.”

It’s funny how some guys will take a punch before they’ll risk being rejected by a woman. It makes me wonder how some guys process pain, because I can say from experience that getting punched in the face is definitely more painful than a dance request being rejected. I guess emotionally it might hurt more but at least there’s no emergency room in your immediate future.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

A Note From Heather: I think this reaction has a lot to do with the flight or fight reflex and the idealizing of super hero figures. Male or female, there is a Superman or a Mama Bear in all of us. I’m glad when Chet’s moment came that he wouldn’t back down even though he had back-up.

All Materials Copyright ©2015 Heather Rainier

Tiny Dancer


What Beautiful Babies We Could Make!

Ethan Grant's Slices of Life BannerSometimes it’s not what you say, but what a third party says, that gets two people talking to each other. When what that third party says involves your mutual reproductive potential, the conversation gets a powerful jumpstart.

One of our regulars, a mature lady named Dot who is retired from the Postal Service and well-known and respected in the community, visited the Dancing Pony during Happy Hour.

Dot always sits at the bar and talks with us. She usually takes a couple of hours to finish one or two drinks and then leaves. She never stays late and seldom gets involved in other people’s affairs.

Last evening, a young cowboy named Kurt and a young woman named Katherine were both in the club alone. They were sitting at the bar, about three seats apart, and kept catching each other’s eyes, would smile, and then look away. Kurt gets a little tongue-tied around pretty women and Katherine is a bit shy herself. Neither seemed able to break the ice.

Shy woman and man. Guy sitting near attractive young woman on sofa and making hand gesture walking with finger to girl ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

After watching this for a time, Dot beckoned to me. “Ethan, are those two both single?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

After paying her tab, Dot rose from her chair. With mischief in her eyes, she walked over to where Kurt and Katherine were sitting and looking anywhere but at each other. In a voice loud enough for both of them to hear, she said, “Do you two have any idea how pretty your babies would be?” and then walked off.

Kurt’s face and ears turned bright red and his shoulders began to shake with laughter as he finally turned to Katherine, who was giggling, and raised his glass in a toast to her. “Well, beautiful lady, here’s to all the pretty babies we could make together.”

Dot’s well-meaning ploy did get Kurt and Katherine talking, and they left a little later on to go have supper together.

Gracie loves to hang out with Dot sometimes in the early evening. Between the two of them, they’ll probably wipe out the single population of the Dancing Pony.

Cheers, y’all!

All Materials Copyrighted ©2015 Heather Rainier

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A Hero’s Welcome Home

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Most of the time I enjoy this business but then there are rare times when I experience something that, for a few moments, goes beyond joy. Here’s what happened…

One of our own hometown heroes, Chris, a young man who grew up here recently returned to Divine from his tour of duty in Afghanistan, where he’d seen action and earned a purple heart while pulling several of his fellow soldiers to safety.

For a time, he’d worked as a bar-back at the Pony and I came to know him as a humble, well-brought up young man. I wasn’t a bit surprise to hear he’d enlisted in the Army, nor was I surprised to hear he was a hero.

Some of his buddies had decided to take him out to the Dancing Pony for, according to them, a ‘relaxing evening.’ Chris was in uniform which I found out later was his buddies’ idea. When they walked in, all heads–meaning men and women–turned to look.

10525714_10152951004782729_3497719901367609341_nWithout prompting, everyone in the club came up and thanked him, one-by-one. The men all offered to pay his tab for the evening, and all the single ladies–and I do mean ALL–came up and asked him to dance. It was a beautiful thing.

A waitress overheard one young woman say, “Chris, you don’t need that uniform to make me melt.” He did seem to dance with that particular young lady more than the others, but they all kept him busy that night.

All of us behind the bar, the bouncers, waitresses, everyone in the club had a tear in their eye or a lump in their throat every time they caught a glimpse of him in his uniform, humble but proud to serve, and glad to be home for a while.

We salute all men and women who have served, no matter the year, or the conflict. Thank You.

Cheers y’all!

All material copyright © Heather Rainier 2015