When can I get your new release from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc?

My new releases are always Siren-BookStrand exclusives for at least 4-6 weeks, after which they are uploaded to other retailers, including Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, etc. Downloading a book on release day from Siren- BookStrand is easy, and they even offer clear instructions for how to download a book to your Kindle, NOOK, or other e-reader device. Click on the links below for help with specific e-readers.




Click here for help with other reader devices, as well as other issues.


What if I just really like downloading from Amazon and don’t mind the 4-6 week wait?

I have an Amazon Author Central Page on their website. If you visit it, you will find that there is a follow button beneath my profile picture. Click on it and then you will be notified any time I have a new release on Amazon.

I have zero control over how long it takes for my books to reach Amazon or other third-party retailer websites.

The choices are yours. This question is by far the one I’m most often in-boxed about or asked on social media. Although answering individually takes time and patience, I don’t mind, because it means readers still want my books. And the info is here if you ever need it in the future or want to refer a friend who has questions.

BTW…Thank you for completely dismissing the idea of ever downloading one of my books from a pirate or file-sharing source.

I love the feel of a paperback in my hands. How can I get your books in paper form?

All of my titles are made available in paperback form, and the links for Amazon and Barnes & Noble will take you to their book page where you can order either the e-book format or the trade paperback. Please allow approximately six months from the initial e-book release date for new titles to be made available in paperback.

Will you ever write a story with (insert past secondary character) featuring as a main character?

I try to take into account the past secondary characters who readers seem to ask the most about, but I generally don’t know beyond the next 2-5 books who is getting a story. Determining the next book in the series is an integral part of the creative process. I don’t mind sharing on the Works In Progress page when I know a character is solid in the lineup but beyond that I can make no promises.

Can you name a heroine after me?

I’m sorry, but no. Nor will I ever raffle off naming rights for a future character. Names are an important part of character development, and I reserve that as solely my right as the creator.

Will you ever write erotic romances for the characters that are currently children, once they grow up?

Maybe. It depends on the same thing as above, namely how effective are they at butting in and coercing my muse to give them air time. In the mean time I have other stories to write and they have to grow up because I won’t write an erotic romance for a barely-of-age character.

What’s next in the series?

The quick answer to this question is always to check my Works in Progress page, which I update regularly.

I’ve already listened to the audible version of Margot’s Hunger like a hundred times. Are any of your other books going to audio format?

I’ve signed agreements for any book I write to be narrated and sold in audio format. As of this writing, I don’t know of any other Divine Creek Ranch books that are being made into audio-books. If that changes I will update my website and likely talk about it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I don’t have any control over the price, narrator, or which books are released in audio format. I’m just grateful it’s an option for my readers who love audiobooks.

I just tried my hand at writing my very first novel. Will you look at, read, edit, or critique my baby?

First of all, congratulations for taking the plunge. But I’m unable to offer any critique. It’s your baby, and the best person for you to hear criticism of what you hope to become a commodity (because that transition MUST occur in order for you to emerge from your aspiring cocoon into the fierce world of publishing) is a PAID, UNBIASED, PROFESSIONAL editor.

Did you know there really is a place in Texas called Devine?

I smile every time someone asks me this question. Yep, I did. I grew up in Texas and I’m fairly well-travelled in the state. Located southwest of San Antonio, Devine is a lovely town, no doubt about it, and very similar to the small town I currently reside outside of. But it’s not Divine, Texas. Divine is completely the construction of my imagination, located in the Texas Hill Country far northwest of San Antonio. If you ever visit Texas and you’d like to experience the geographical magic that inspired Divine, then plan a tour of Wimberley, Blanco, Johnson City, and Fredericksburg, and then get on Interstate 10 headed West. You’ll recognize it when you’re close. Plan the trip in early April if you like wildflowers.

Won’t you please ever write a slim heroine? All your heroines are plus-sized and it seems like you equate thin/slim characters with evil.

This one touches a nerve every time I see it and some day I may blog about it. My personal opinion, something you’ll rarely see from me online, is that there are already SO MANY romance novels featuring slim, lithe, itty bitty, teeny-tiny heroines that I don’t feel the need to add to that number. I wrote Divine Grace at a time when plus-sized heroines were very thin on the ground. I won’t kowtow to the photo-shopped fashion industry ideals of what is healthy or beautiful because I live in the real world where we’re all different and yet beautiful. Beyond that, voluptuous heroines are a hallmark of the Divine Creek Ranch Collection, and have been since before the first book was submitted for publication. I hear too often from readers who relate to my heroines because of that issue for me to change a vital element to the series.

As to the latter comment. While I do not believe that thin=evil, I do most definitely believe that our culture believes that thin=socially acceptable. And the only particularly thin evil character I can recall in the series was Patricia Ramirez, Angel’s ex-girlfriend, from the first book. And even in her case the issue was more one of sexual addiction and obsession than it was diet. Although I always thought she was in dire need of a piece of cheesecake and a really tight woobie hug.

Thanks for checking out my FAQ. As new questions crop up, I’ll add them here.

Seize the day, baby!