Series Reading Order

Reading Order for the Divine Creek Ranch Collection

Listing title and character lineup:

  • 1: Divine Grace – Jack, Grace, Ethan and Adam
  • 2: Her Gentle Giant – Eli and Rachel
  • 3: Heavenly Angel – Angel, Teresa, and Joaquin
  • 4: Rosemary’s Double Delight – Wes, Rosemary, and Evan
  • 5: Spurs and Heels – Ash and Juliana
  • 6: Maya’s Triple Dare – Kendall, Maya, Boone, and Richard
  • 7: Summer’s Indiscretion – Ace, Summer, and Kemp
  • 8: Lydia’s Twin Temptation – Chance, Lydia, and Clayton
  • 9: Their Divine Doctor – Duke,  Emma, and Gage
  • 10: Divine Phoenix – Clay, Lily, and Del
  • 11: Sparks Fly! A Divine Creek July 4th Family Reunion
  • Novella: Margot’s Hunger – Jake, Margot, and Gil
  • Novella in the Insider’s Guide: Divine Déjà vu – Mayn, LuAnn, and Daniel
  • 12: His Tattooed Virgin – Seth and Jayne
  • 13: Tiny Dancer – Ben, Camilla, and Quinten
  • 14: Tangled in Divine – Chris, Gwen, and Julian
  • 15: Lucy’s Revenge – Patrick, Lucy, and Beck
  • 16: Maizy the Bear Charmer – Heath, Maizy, Cody, and Spencer
  • 17: Awakening Veronica – Travis, Veronica, and Hank
  • 18: Divine Charity – Justin, Charity, Val, and Ransome
  • 19: Brokenhearted Beauty – James, Leah, and Vincent
  • 20: Absentminded Angel – Kendry, Presley Ann, and Jared
  • 21: Lumberjack Weekend – Josh, Violet, and Lucas
  • 22: Bunny and the Beast – Joseph and Bunny
  • 23: How Cassie Got Her Grind Back – Samson, Cassie, and Ivan
  • 24: Operation Ginger Avenger – Jessica, Tank, and Troy

Crossovers with Cara Covington

Several books in the series contain crossover characters with fellow Siren author Cara Covington’s Lusty, Texas series.

  • HIs Tattooed Virgin is a crossover with Love Under Two Cowboys – His Tattooed Virgin should be read first.
  • Lucy’s Revenge is a crossover with Love Under Two Private Dicks – Love Under Two Private Dicks should be read first.
  • Awakening Veronica is a crossover with Love Under Two Quarterbacks – Love Under Two Quarterbacks should be read first.
  • Absentminded Angel will be a crossover with Love Under Two Outcasts

Play Lists for the Divine Creek Ranch Collection

Playlists for each book can be located on their respective book pages. Music plays a huge role in my writing process. Many of these song titles appear in the stories and others you may not remember seeing because they served as inspiration while I wrote. Some, I’ve listened to literally hundreds of times. I use the Playlist feature on Amazon Music while I write and each book has its own list.

Thank you to all the readers who compliment my use of music to set the mood in my stories and for asking me to add play lists to the website. Special thanks to Angie for curating the YouTube Channel and making it possible for others to enjoy it! So make sure to Visit the Divine Creek Ranch Channel on YouTube!



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