The Best Seats in the House

The Dancing Pony pickup line of the week is….

Ethan Grant's Slice of Life from the Dancing Pony

I am of the belief that certain people meet by “divine” appointment.

I understand that we as humans can ignore—or mess up—our own destiny but I think there’s a right person out there for everybody.

It all started late Saturday afternoon as severe storms were blowing through the area.
A couple of the bartenders and I were standing under the awning outside the Dancing Pony entry, watching the lightning. The thunder was so loud even the DJ, who had his headphones on while he was setting up, heard it and came out to see.

A couple of cowboys arrived in a big Silverado and walked to the covered entry. Cowboys don’t run to get out of the rain. It’s a fact of life, and what cowboy hats and slickers are for. They paused with us to observe the light show while talking about the younger one’s love life, or lack thereof.

While we were all watching the lightning streaking across the sky,

the older cowboy said to the younger one, “Listen, just because you’ve made some mistakes in your life is no reason to think you won’t be able to meet a nice lady. You paid your debt, now get busy living your life. I’ll bet there’ll be plenty of ladies here tonight. You just need to have more confidence and don’t let the past hold you back.”

As all of this was being said, three ladies jumped out of an F-350 in the parking lot and took off running in the direction of the club. Two of them jumped up on the curb and made it safely under the awning, but a really loud crash of thunder sounded just as the third jumped up. Her boot hit the sidewalk, slipped forward, and she started to fall backward.

As if he were anticipating this event, the young cowboy reached out and caught the pretty cowgirl before she hit the concrete. Her arms landed around the cowboy’s neck as he set her on her feet and stood there staring at her.

He gazed at her like a calf looking at a new gate

and she laughed with relief and looked very grateful. Her eyebrows lifted as she looked into his eyes and she looked a little mesmerized herself.

The young cowboy moved his lips like he wanted to speak and finally his friend said, “Hey there, little lady, that was a close one.” Nudging the young cowboy in the ribs with his elbow, he said, “This is my lady-saving-friend, Ron.

He’s shy, but if you give him a minute he’ll probably say something.”

Still a little shaken, the young woman stuttered as she looked up at Ron. “W-Well sir, I-I thank you for saving me. The lightning scared me and I guess I missed my footing or something. You saved me pain and embarrassment and I’m thankful you were here.”

The young cowboy finally forced some words out and said, “G-Glad I could help, ma’am. I would’ve hated to see you get hurt.” As he said this his friend nudged him in the ribs again, as if to move him closer to her.

Seeming to understand his shyness, the young woman said,

“I admire the strong silent type. I hope you’ll save a dance for me tonight, cowboy.”

He took his hat off and nodded to her, and in a loud voice, his friend said, “Oh, he will, don’t you worry.”

One of the bartenders turned to Ron and said, “We have your favorite table set up for you and all your friends. It’s our top-shelf patron table, best seats in the house.”

Ron looked confused at first but his friend caught on and said, “I knew we could count on y’all. Ladies, would you care to join us?”

The ladies happily agreed and we all went inside. After the group was settled, I waved down a waitress, went over, and said, “This young lady will be your waitress this evening. Anything you need, she’ll take care of for you and the first round is on the house. I’ve already instructed the DJ to play any songs you request, Ron. Just let the waitress know what you want to hear. Y’all enjoy your evening.” Ron was still a little shy and confused by our generosity but he was catching on, and the ladies looked impressed.

As I left the table, the young cowgirl who had slipped earlier looked at her hero and said, “Would you mind if I requested the first song, Ron? That is, as long as you’ll dance with me?”

Looking a little more at ease, Ron said, “I’d like that. What song would you like to hear?”

“‘Give It All We Got Tonight’ by George Strait.”

I think that was the perfect song, because he never left her side the rest of the night.

He might’ve been a slow starter but he gave her all his attention from that point forward.

After the couple left together later that evening, the bartender who set all this up said, “You know, Boss, I think Grace’s match-making talents are rubbing off on us.”

I let out laughter I’d had to hold back earlier as I’d listened to this same bartender talk about having set aside the top-shelf club patron table for Ron when they’d first arrived. That was all nonsense.

All the seats in the Dancing Pony are the best seats in the house.

It’s the treatment our patrons receive that makes the difference.

©Heather Rainier 2018



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