City slicker, what brings you to the sticks now?

The Dancing Pony pickup line of the week is….

We had a chance to witness a reunion of sorts this past weekend.

There was a young lady about 30 years of age sitting at the bar talking to her mom on her phone. All wrapped up in her conversation, she didn’t notice a gentleman of about the same age with red hair and red beard sit down a couple of chairs away from her.

He ordered a beer and tipped the bartender generously. When the bartender thanked him, he said, “You’re very welcome.” His voice had an incredibly low pitch that seemed to vibrate though the place. You couldn’t help but notice his voice, sort of like some DJ’s or radio personalities have.

When he spoke, the young lady jerked around to look at him

and practically screamed into the phone, “Gotta go mom. Love ya, bye,” and hung up.

She then moved a little closer to the gentleman and said, “Oh my God! Gene, is that you? Do you remember me from junior college—”

Before she could finish he said, “Wow, Katie! How could I possibly forget you? I didn’t know you lived here. I just moved here from Houston a couple of months ago.”

Katie laughed and asked, “Wasn’t it you who used to ask me and some of the other guys in class how we could stand to live out in the country, away from all the conveniences of the city?”

Gene chuckled and his ruddy cheeks flushed a little redder.

“Yeah, that was me. I was born and raised in the big city and it always seemed weird to me that someone would want to live way out in the country so far away from all the action.”

In a joking tone, Katie said, “Well, city slicker, what brings you out to the sticks now? You on the run from the law?”

Gene shrugged and then nodded. “Yes, in a manner of speaking. I lived in a nice area of Houston but the crime rate was getting out of hand. Police were knocking on my door it seemed like every other day to ask if I had witnessed any strange activities in the neighborhood because someone else had been robbed. I remembered you and the guys from class talking about how you didn’t even lock your doors when you went to work and stuff. I figured I needed a change of pace, so here I am.”

Katie said, “Well, are you settled and found a place to work yet?”

Gene nodded. “My aunt left me a small inheritance when she passed and it was just enough for me to make the move. I sold my place in the city, bought a small farm and I’m starting my own business.”

“How’s that going so far? What kind of business?”

He grinned. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.”

Gene said, “I’ve always been a foodie—passionate about wine and cheese mostly—so I’m raising goats and making cheese from goat’s milk. I’m also in the process of planting a vineyard. Hopefully we’ll be in full scale production in a couple of years. It’s a lot more work than I thought it’d be, though. How about you? You’re a sight for sore eyes. What do you do here in Divine?”

With a becoming blush, Katie replied, “I manage my parent’s small dairy. It’s mostly family members I work with, but we do have some other employees. I can’t believe you’re a farmer now. That just blows my mind. Farm life seems to agree with you. It certainly hasn’t changed that sexy deep voice of yours.”

Leaning a little closer, he nudged her shoulder with his own and said,

“Well, you look as beautiful as ever.

Dairy life obviously agrees with you. I’ll tell you what. You show this city slicker how to country dance and I’ll take you on a tour of my farm sometime.”

Rising from her chair, Katie said, “You got a deal, cowboy. How about I show you the proper way to Texas two-step.”

They parted ways at the end of the night but not before exchanging numbers and addresses. Probably see them again soon.


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