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It amazes me what brings people together.

Sometimes it’s things that you’d think would repel instead of attract, but most of the time it’s the simple things that people have in common or find attractive that bring them together.

Two cowboys, Will and Rick, were sitting at the bar this weekend talking about sci-fi movies.

Rick said, “With Hollywood nowadays, you can’t tell real life from animation. Computer generated images make movies look so real. I watched one about robots that look and act exactly like humans. It’s scary to think about what would happen if they really could make robots with artificial intelligence.”

Will, who is the older of the two cowboys said, “Yeah, well, we already have more artificial intelligence than we know what to do with in Washington, DC.”

Two women who were sitting at a nearby table had evidently heard their conversation and burst into laughter at the cowboy’s response.

The lady with dark hair looked at the older cowboy and said, “You got that right, cowboy. Maybe the scientists should study the politicians to learn how to create it.”

Both cowboys laughed and the older one said, “Would you ladies mind if we joined you?”

The women both agreed, and the cowboys asked the bartender to bring another round for all of them as they moved over to their table.

The older cowboy introduced himself, and the dark haired lady said, “My name is Tracey, and this is my friend, Sandra.”

Will gently shook both their hands. “Do y’all live here or are you just passin’ through?”

Tracey smiled and replied with a straight face.

“We’re both Congresswomen from DC, down here on the campaign trail.”

Will’s face turned red and he looked tongue-tied until Tracey laughed and said, “Just kidding!

We’re both nurses at the hospital. What do you gentlemen do?”

Will laughed the hardest of all of them. “You got me with that one. I thought I was in trouble for a second. We work at a ranch west of here. It’s our weekend off so we came to town to relax, heard about this club, and we figured we’d check it out. I can see why it’s so popular. It draws the most beautiful women, all the way from DC even.”

They were still laughing when a fight broke out a few tables away,

involving another of Rick and Will’s coworkers, and the men rushed over to help out. Apparently the coworker had picked the wrong lady to flirt with. After the bouncers broke it all up and threw out the guilty parties, Will and Rick came back over and sat down with the ladies again.

Tracey looked at Will, who had evidently gotten hit with something in the ruckus and cut his forehead pretty bad, and said, “Oh my gosh, your bleeding. Let me look at that.”

Will shook his head and said, “Aw, it’s just a scratch.” He patted his forehead with a cocktail napkin but it soon became apparent that the wound did need attention.

Tracey asked the bartender for a first aid kit which, unfortunately, we keep several of in the back out of necessity.

The bartender gave her the kit and she returned to the table.

“I know you’re supposed to be a tough cowboy and all,

but I’m a nurse and I can’t just let you sit here bleeding. Now sit still and let me look at you.” After attending to his cut she said, “This needs stitches. You should go to the hospital.”

Several of us had noticed how much he’d seemed to enjoy her attention, and none of us were surprised when he smiled at her and replied,

“Tell you what…I’ll go to the hospital, but only if you do the stitching.”

She agreed and they left together.

When they returned a couple of hours later, Will had a patch on his forehead, a big smile on his face, and Tracey was on his arm. They danced together and stayed until closing.

Washington can’t do much right, but in a way it did bring two people together.

©Heather Rainier 2018



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