A Hero’s Welcome Home

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Most of the time I enjoy this business but then there are rare times when I experience something that, for a few moments, goes beyond joy. Here’s what happened…

One of our own hometown heroes, Chris, a young man who grew up here recently returned to Divine from his tour of duty in Afghanistan, where he’d seen action and earned a purple heart while pulling several of his fellow soldiers to safety.

For a time, he’d worked as a bar-back at the Pony and I came to know him as a humble, well-brought up young man. I wasn’t a bit surprise to hear he’d enlisted in the Army, nor was I surprised to hear he was a hero.

Some of his buddies had decided to take him out to the Dancing Pony for, according to them, a ‘relaxing evening.’ Chris was in uniform which I found out later was his buddies’ idea. When they walked in, all heads–meaning men and women–turned to look.

10525714_10152951004782729_3497719901367609341_nWithout prompting, everyone in the club came up and thanked him, one-by-one. The men all offered to pay his tab for the evening, and all the single ladies–and I do mean ALL–came up and asked him to dance. It was a beautiful thing.

A waitress overheard one young woman say, “Chris, you don’t need that uniform to make me melt.” He did seem to dance with that particular young lady more than the others, but they all kept him busy that night.

All of us behind the bar, the bouncers, waitresses, everyone in the club had a tear in their eye or a lump in their throat every time they caught a glimpse of him in his uniform, humble but proud to serve, and glad to be home for a while.

We salute all men and women who have served, no matter the year, or the conflict. Thank You.

Cheers y’all!

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  1. Loved it but as usual, I was wanting more. My son was in the Air Force during the first desert storm. His job was to man the nuclear missles. All men and women in uniform just capture my heart. I agree with you in praising them for their service. God bless them all and protect their families while they are away from them.

  2. Heather, I know I am a member of the Divas, but I just finished reading this and I wanted to thank you for a beautiful story and especially for the salute at the end to our vets and active duty personnel. I am a veteran who served from the Viet Man Conflict thru Desert Storm and then being recalled to active duty after 9/11. So again, thank you for this wonderful story on this particular day.

    1. Hi Gayle, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for your service to our country and for your willingness to be recalled. I’m thrilled that you’ve joined my street team and hope you enjoy the Divine Divas.

    1. Ms Heather
      A touching story hits home as I have a son who is serving his country with honor and pride
      Pam Ward

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