I only see one beautiful woman in here because I can’t take my eyes off you

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The Dancing Pony pickup line of the week is….


If you think anything like I do, you may often wonder

why certain people who seem to have nothing in common are attracted to each other. Some say it’s because God has a sense of humor. I believe it’s because God knows what we need for growth.

A young lady came in the nightclub with a coworker and they sat at the bar talking. The coworker was telling the young lady, who was a curvaceous brunette, that she needed to diet and take better care of her appearance if she wanted to attract a guy. The young lady seemed introverted and wasn’t very receptive to the advice her coworker was giving her.

You can imagine how difficult it was  to keep my mouth shut about this “friend’s” advice.

I hate when women talk to each other like that.

After a while a couple of cowboys came in and sat across the bar from the two ladies. Vance, the taller of the cowboys, is a good guy, but he’s earned a reputation as a “player” with the women around here.

The cowboys were talking, and in an unusually sincere voice I overheard Vance say, “Wow, who’s that gal across the bar.

She’s really beautiful.”

Looking a little confused, his friend craned his head to look and then replied, “Who? Her? You’re kidding right? You figure on getting close to her so you can get in with the friend she’s talking to, or what?”

Vance shook his head and frowned. “I’m serious. There’s something about her. I’m asking her to dance.”

With that, Vance got up, walked over to the two ladies, and sounding uncharacteristically nervous, he said, “Hi, I’m Vance. Would you dance with me?”

The young lady’s coworker scowled at him and said,

“I know who you are. Go chubby-chase somewhere else, player.”

Without saying a word, the young lady gently grabbed her coworker by the arm as if to say it was okay and to let him talk. Still looking disgruntled, her friend backed off.

Vance hardly spared the defensive friend a glance and said, “No offense, ma’am, but I was asking your friend to dance, not you.”

The coworkers jaw dropped and her eyes popped wide.

He turned to the curvaceous brunette.

“I’d be honored if you’d dance with me.”

I’ve seen Vance put the charm on a girl before but I could see that he was completely sincere.

The young lady’s friend sounded off again. “Well, then the answer isn’t just ‘no’ but HELL no!”

Having evidently recovered from the shock of his invitation, the brunette grasped her coworker’s arm. “I said it’s okay. I’ll be fine.” Then she turned to Vance and shyly said, “Just so I’m clear, YOU actually want to dance with ME? I know who you are, too, Vance. Your reputation as a Casanova precedes you. There are plenty of beautiful women in here who would love to dance with you. Why me?”

With a more confident smile, Vance leaned toward her a bit and said, “I only see one beautiful woman in here because

I can’t take my eyes off you.”

The young lady blushed and her eyes went wide. “That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I’d love to dance with you.”

While they were dancing, her coworker went over to Vance’s friend and poked his shoulder to get his attention. “Whatever Vance has in mind, he’d better not be chubby-chasing my friend for another notch on his damn bedpost.

If he pulls a ‘love ’em and leave ’em’ routine on her I’ll hunt him down with my shotgun.”

Vance’s friend said, “Lady, a player he may be but he’s not THAT bad. I think he really likes her.”

“Well, he better–or else.” With that, she returned to her seat.

Vance and his lady spent most of the evening on the dance floor. Closing time came around and according to his friend Vance escorted her to her car, gave her a goodnight kiss, got in his truck, and went home.

His friend said the zombie apocalypse must be coming

soon because that was the first time he’d ever seen Vance go home alone from the Pony, especially after dancing all night with the same person.

Personally, I think they’ll make a great couple because opposites not only attract. They can also complete each other. I’m sure we’ll see them together again soon.


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