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December 28, 2017

News from Heather Rainier…

I’ll try to give a brief and concise recap to fall and winter, since everything really picked up the pace then. Thanks for riding the rollercoaster with me.

News from Divine Creek Ranch…

Operation Ginger Avenger by Heather RainierOperation Ginger Avenger, book 24 in the Divine Creek Ranch Collection, was released on December 22nd.

For readers who prefer to purchase their e-books from Amazon and other retailers, it should upload to those sites some time in late January or early February. That’s my best guess, anyway.

For a listing of all my books at Amazon, check out my Amazon Author Central profile. You have the option to “follow” me there.

To celebrate the release of Operation Ginger Avenger,

I hosted my very first Facebook event on December 22nd. It was a huge success and made me wonder why I’d never done an event before. 23 readers who attended the event won prizes in drawings, which should all be going out in the next several days.

A special friend made her debut on Facebook in the event. Many of my readers are familiar with Cara Covington‘s (aka Morgan Ashbury) Lusty, Texas series, and her recurring family matriarch, Kate Benedict, aka Grandma Kate. This venerable lady is now on Facebook and her welcome at the event was tremendous. I look forward to lots of fun with Grandma Kate.

I released a Christmas themed short story on my blog

as the big finale for the event. All I Want for Christmas is a Woobie Under My Tree features Grace and Jack from Divine Grace. The story is written to run concurrent to Operation Ginger Avenger, and tells the story of little Callie Beth’s arrival on the Divine Creek Ranch.

Many readers hope for a sighting of Grace and Jack when reading my new books. This time around, I couldn’t fit in the birth in OGA but still wanted to give it to readers. So I wrote it as a Christmas present.

It’s available on my blog, and is also broken into five “Bites” on Book+Main Bites Romance. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out.

I’m thrilled to share that Operation Ginger Avenger sat at the #1 spot on BookStrand’s Overall Bestseller List for several days, which I am understandably very proud of.


News from Tangere…

Books in the Tangere Tales Trilogy by Heather RainierIn addition to writing a new Divine Creek Ranch book, I also wrote and released a fantasy/ fairy tales trilogy, featuring erotic retellings of three classic fairy tales: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Snow White.

The Tangere Tales Trilogy came out between late October and early December, a tremendous feat achieved by writing all three books and submitting them at the same time.

As of today, Beasts in Winter and Midnight of the Fae have shown up at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I anticipate Dance of the Dragon Sorceress showing up in early January. Consult their pages on my website for information about each book.

In Paperback Already!

In addition, my publisher very generously published a combined paperback version of all three stories in the Tangere Tales Trilogy and made it available ahead of schedule, in time to be available for Christmas-gift-giving.

This volume ALSO contains the Insider’s Guide to the Divine Creek Ranch, which was previously available only as an e-book, or as a locally-published glossy-covered handout I gave away at conventions.

When I received my copy of the voluptuous trade paperback from Amazon, it felt like a Christmas present to me from Siren.

I hope you order your copy today.


What’s next in Divine for 2018…

Creatively, I’m heading back to Divine, Texas, to write more stories set in that pretty Hill Country town.

Readers who have read Operation Ginger Avenger may have picked up on the group being hinted at for the next story.

Driving Miss Crazy 

will feature those legendary bad boys, Luka and Matthias Martinez. Their older brothers, Angel and Joaquin, helped to blaze the trail for the Divine Creek Ranch Collection in the early days, as the heroes of Book 3, Heavenly Angel. Their heroine is Erin Grant, baby sister to another Divine Creek Ranch hero, Ethan Grant from Divine Grace.

It’s early days in writing this book, but it’s easy to see why I’m already in love with the heroes. They have a lot of ground to cover, but they’re back in Divine and ready to atone for damage done to Angel and Joaquin’s home with Teresa, but also for the hurt they’ve dealt to Erin’s heart.

Erin isn’t going to make it easy for them…and neither is her obnoxious big brother. The one thing they have going for them is that Grace is on their side. She’s always on the side of love and redemption.

What’s next in Divine?

Fame is beginning to wear on True and Noble Strong, and as they begin to seek a permanent place to call home, it makes sense they would gravitate to Divine, since True’s son, Whit, and his mother, Presley Ann, are there. (Presley Ann found her happily-ever-after in Absentminded Angel) Fantasy couldn’t become reality, but True still longs to be close to Whit.

Noble knows he hasn’t done much to make friends in Divine, and he’s also looking for redemption for his own poor choices.

As I move on in these works in progress, I’ll give periodic updates here, so be sure to check back every so often, and subscribe to my blog.

Happy New Year! May 2018 be your best year yet!

Seize the day, baby!

Love, Heather


November 27, 2017

I’m still feeling the effects of late nights, traveling, and eating a little too much, and doing my best to enjoy the Christmas season now that it’s upon us. I started my Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve taken advantage of a few Cyber Monday deals as well. I’m not usually that well prepared up front but with all the book releases and accompanying time spent online, I felt like it was a good idea this year. Now for the quick and dirty updates…

I received the cover for Operation Ginger Avenger.

I’ve been tense about trying to find suitable sexy pictures for a book cover that features two sexy gingers, but the cover artist, Harris Channing, did a beautiful job. Keep checking back to that book page for more information about the next release in the Divine Creek Ranch Collection.

I’ve joined a new book site

Book+Main Bites – Romance is perfect for connecting readers with authors because the emphasis is on the part that we are BEST at: the written word. It’s not an overwhelming plethora of covers. It’s not a “BUY MY BOOK!” link graveyard. It’s not a conglomeration of promo graphics.


It’s just our words.

And if we can’t hook you with our words, then what good are we? You do need to join to view the website and the authors that are currently available to follow, but I think you will love it once you get there. It’s an ad-free site, because we authors pay a subscription fee. I hope it stays ad-free. That makes the fee worth it, to me anyway. Authors can post up to three “Bites” per 24-hour period for readers to enjoy, so your “bite” feed won’t get overwhelmed by any one author.

I spend a lot of time on Facebook when it comes to promotion

but I know that some readers are staying away, at least temporarily because of the continuing negativity and politics there. My post reach is limited by Facebook’s algorithm, which means I’m sometimes not as visible, especially my fan page, so it behooves me to find other avenues to share my work.

Heather Rainier Book=Main Bites - Romance profile page
Visit Heather’s profile, featuring bites from the Divine Creek Ranch Collection and Tangere Tales

For me, Book+Main Bites is the perfect fit.

It’s just the words I write. No “status update” type posts are allowed. No vague-booking. No politics or negativity. And even no book covers. Those are behind a book button at the end of each bite, if a reader wants to go to Amazon or iTunes to purchase the book.  I could go on, but click over and give it a try. I think you’ll love the beautiful, clean look of it. And once you’re signed up for an account, please use their search tool to look me up and follow my bites.

For readers  anxious to know what I’m writing right now…

I’ve begun writing the next book set in Divine, Texas. As promised, this time it’s Luka and Matthias’s love story with Erin Grant. Readers familiar with the series will remember that Erin is Ethan Grant’s BABY SISTER, and yes, he’s every bit as obnoxious as a big brother as you’d imagine. Maybe worse.

The title of this upcoming book is Driving Miss Crazy, a title that fits them and their story so well I just giggle every time I see it. It’s still early days writing this one but I’m open to True and Noble, if they want to barge in like Luka and Matthias did in Operation Ginger Avenger. My writing time is limited right now because of promoting the trilogy, and I’m also expecting the first round of edits for Operation Ginger Avenger. When those come I’ll be devoting all my time to them until they’re finished. Oh, and the Christmas season, obviously. Be looking for more news about Driving Miss Crazy in the new year.

On Facebook this week, and in coming weeks,

I’ll be doing drawings for cool prizes like T-shirts, coffee mugs, and calendars featuring the Tangere Tales Trilogy, as well as paperbacks and other cool stuff, so if you’re in one of my FB groups, check in and see what’s going on.

This Saturday, December 2nd, at 1:00pm (Central) I’ll be hosting the first hour of the Romance Readers Recommend Author Takeover. Just click here or visit my timeline and you’ll find a link to the event and you can click to get more info from there. It’ll be a fast-paced hour. I’ll be sharing excerpts, answering questions, doing a drawing, and cutting up.

Speaking of Romance Readers Recommend, I highly recommend joining their group on Facebook. They cover all romance genres and the admins are very friendly ladies, always happy to give a book recommendation.

Dance of the Dragon Sorceress is in the final days prior to release on Friday, December 1st.

I just finished reading the copy edits late last night, and I’m thrilled with how this trilogy has turned out. I’m so excited the introduce the third batch of characters in this trilogy and just know you’re going to love them as much as I do. Make sure to pre-order your copy from BookStrand today.

I’m expecting Beasts in Winter to show up on Amazon literally any time now, and will be sharing bites on Book+Main Bites – Romance and Facebook when it does.

For those who prefer to buy from Amazon,

I really appreciate your patience. I have no control of when my books appear there. If you’d like to follow my releases there, click on My Amazon Author Central Profile to see all my books available there. A “Follow” button is located there.

I think that’s it for this update.

I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving,

and that Christmas is shaping up to be fantastic as well.

Oh! don’t forget to write reviews for your favorite books! Authors appreciate them very much!

So…love a book? Write a review!

Seize the day, baby!


November 2, 2017

News from Divine, Texas!

The next book in the Divine Creek Ranch Collection has had a reserved spot in Siren’s calendar for a while now. I don’t generally like writing with a deadline but sometimes I need a push and so I reserved the spot and set myself a deadline to submit this story in time for it to be published by Christmas.

That’s four books released in a calendar year,

which I haven’t done in a while. Even more extraordinary for me, it was four books in one quarter. That’s stressful because I need to be online promoting at a time when I also want to spend time with family and friends celebrating and doing all the activities leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. But the majority of the work: writing, revising, editing, writing blurbs, creating graphics, shopping for stock photos, and all the other gazillion tasks were done up front, to make the fall and holiday season spent promoting go more smoothly.

I typed “The End” on Operation Ginger Avenger just yesterday.

This morning, the work to revise and promote the story begins. I’ve built and published a page here on my website for Operation Ginger Avenger. At this point, it’s really just the bare bones, since the blurbs are my next order of business. I hate writing blurbs, but right after finished the book is the best time to write them, for me at least. If you check back in coming days and weeks, I’ll be adding more info to that page as I have it ready.

The 4th volume in the Divine Creek Ranch Boxed sets

is scheduled for release on November 21st. This set will include:

  • Book 9: Their Divine Doctor
  • Book 10: Divine Phoenix
  • Book 11: Sparks Fly! A Divine Creek Ranch July 4th Family Reunion

All of the rounds of edits for Midnight of the Fae (Tangere Tales 2) are completed and returned to Siren-BookStrand, and it will be releasing on November 10th. It has a preorder link available now and I hope you’ll order your copy today.

I’ll be attending a Facebook event this Saturday,

at 1:00pm (Central) at the next Author Takeover for Romance Readers Recommend. These events are a great way to interact with your favorite authors as well as authors you may not have met yet. I’ll be answering questions about Divine, Texas and the Tangere Tales Trilogy, and also doing a prize drawing for all attendees. If you’re Interested, click over to see the awesome lineup of authors and let the ladies know you’ll be attending. No obligation, just come and have fun.





October 26, 2017

Midnight of the Fae has a pre-order link now! the second book in the Tangere Tales Trilogy releases November 10th. I’ll be sharing about a special author takeover I’m participating in on November 4th (that’s a Saturday and this time, I’ll be in the opening timeslot at 1:00 pm Central. I’ll be doing a fantastic prize drawing, and sharing more from Midnight of the Fae, and also Operation Ginger Avenger (Divine Creek Ranch #24) Look me up on Facebook and be watching for details.

Click here for the pre-order link for Midnight of the Fae, as well as the excerpts!


October 6, 2017

The preorder link is available for Beasts In Winter! Releasing October 20th! I’ll be posting about several author takeovers and other fun promo gigs on Facebook, as well as sharing new excerpts from the books in the trilogy. Look me up if you’re online!

Click here for the preorder link for Beasts in Winter, as well as the excerpts.

More to come soon!

September 21, 2017

A lot can change in a month. In my case, a lot of progress has been made behind the scenes; not all of it is visible to my readers because I’ve become even more careful about sharing, unless, it’s on my terms.

The books, and all the work involved in bringing them to fruition, are coming along and looking beautiful. I’ve gotten new covers, new graphic artwork, both for the trilogy but also for the boxed sets coming out in conjunction with the fantasy trilogy.

The last twelve months have been varying degrees of heaven and hell

but I honestly think it’s all worked together to help me create what could be my best work this year.

I made the mistake of posting a warm and encouraging meme on Facebook last month. You’d think I’d know better, but no good deed goes unpunished by the perpetually offended. I stay away from politics and try to stick to encouraging readers when I’m not actively sharing about books coming out. I subscribe to the belief that entertainers, of any kind, owe any following and success they have to the people they entertain. Having amassed that following doesn’t give them to right to step on their fan’s toes by getting political. A true artist knows that the best way to express themselves is through their art and not through an unwilling audience. It destroys the escape, and disillusions our audience about who we are.

Maybe I’m being hypercritical but I agree with the moviegoer who said, “When you’re not in my DVD player I want you to go back in your box and shut up. I’m not interested in your political views.” Harsh? Maybe, but I agree. I’ve got a 50/50 chance of offending someone if I start sharing my political views. Having worked (literally) as hard as I can to create a world where readers can escape reality, why in the f*ck would I shoot myself in the foot just to vent a little steam? Professionals should know better.

Long story short, that meme I intended for comfort and encouragement got hijacked by people who, up until that moment, I’d truly respected, one of whom was a personal hero of mine. I was unfriended because I refused to sign on to an (at the time) politically correct ideology. I wound up taking down the meme and walking away from the whole situation, reminding myself I’m here to write love stories, not argue with trolls. And time showed that I was correct in that earlier choice.

On the home front…

While all this was going on, we were selling our home and packing up and moving. Sometimes dreams, even good ones, are temporary things. Mr. R and I are building a new dream after coming to the conclusion that we’d bitten off more than we could chew with 25 acres that needed constant care, repair, and maintenance.

Yes, I mourned leaving my house, my quiet privacy, my built-in book cases, my whole house wired for sound, and my enormous closet. And that huge shower with enough elbow room for five people, much less two.

We’re downsizing but Mr R knows better than to think that means tiny-sizing. He’s a generous man. We’ve moved into a leased home that has a similar amount of square footage. It’s an older ranch-style home located in the midst of a huge cattle ranch. The dogs love the yard, and I love the hundreds of acres of majestic oak trees. The interior is rustic and quaint, and I still have a separate office space, so I’m happy. I’m better than happy, actually.

I’m relaxed.

Relaxed means I’m open to possibilities, and renewed creativity.

Even though I don’t even want to think about moving again right now, Mr R is already drawing new house plans. It’s what he does, and one of the things I love about him. I hope y’all will stay along with me for the ride like you did with the last one.

One last note about the new place.

We have an unusual neighbor. A badger lives beneath a shed near one of the ranch barns, right near our house. I don’t want to meet him. At all. Oh, and there are calves! They’re so cute gamboling around their mamas between naps and grazing.

Somehow I managed to get books submitted, a house packed up and moved in August. and then unpacked in September.

I’m fricking Wonder Woman…with really really sore feet. 😀

Besides writing this post, I spent today updating the website with book covers and cool graphics for the Tangere Tales Trilogy and the two new boxed sets (Volumes 2 and 3). I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around and let me know what you think of the new appearance.

Some dates for you to mark on your calendars before I sign off…

Join my Book Discussion Group on Facebook to participate in conversations about the series and the new releases.

~Seize the day, baby!