A Glimpse at Cassie’s Story…

hr website pic 2I’ve been told before that I’m a tease. If so, I came to it later in life when it’s possibly a good thing. The Divine Tease will be bringing you periodic snippets, teases, blurbs and the occasional excerpt from my works in progress.

I typically take a little longer than average in writing a book and this way readers will have an idea of what I’m working on when I’m working, and occasionally when I’m not. 😉

Some of the blurbs will also show up on my Works in Progress page so always check there to find out what’s next in the series. This is just for fun.

Readers have asked what’s next and I’ve mentioned that Cassie’s story is currently being written. After celebrating the release of Lumberjack Weekend (Book 22) on Amazon yesterday, and Bunny and the Beast’s imminent release at Siren-BookStrand this Friday, it seemed like a fitting time to unveil a little of what’s going on with Divine’s favorite barista and baker.


Cassie, Samson, and Ivan made promises on the day they graduated from high school and then life took them in unexpected directions.

Raised in a traditional home, Cassie Villalobos was expected to work hard and obey her elders and because of her inner nature she complies, until life throws her so many curve balls she has no choice but to begin standing up for herself.

Aspiring to join the military, identical twins Samson and Ivan Cutter find themselves pulled in opposite directions on life paths that couldn’t be different, but through the years, they’ve unknowingly had one thing in common. Cassie Villalobos. Or more to the point—love for Cassie Villalobos.

Samson’s successful career in the military and then in law enforcement was interrupted when he was injured in the line of duty. With a well-earned reputation for level-headedness, Samson enjoys his job as an emergency dispatch supervisor but there’s always been something missing. Not even his private lifestyle as a Dominant at Hazelle House, and role as Joseph Hazelle’s right hand man, brings him much satisfaction these days.

Good-humored and affectionate, it’s probably a good thing Ivan didn’t make the cut in the military due to an injury because he’s found his passion and his purpose in his kitchen. An award-winning chef with a major following, he satisfies his sensual nature with culinary prowess while always feeling the inner emptiness that long hours at his Viking stove can’t fulfill.

Thirty years have passed since the night they made those broken promises to each other, and Cassie’s not the only one with some explaining to do.

©Heather Rainier


Next time I tease, I might reveal the name of this story. I have a working title that I’m using, because I have to call the story something, but I’m not 100% on it yet. I’m depending on Cassie, Samson, and Ivan to help me figure out what it’s supposed to be called.

Vector illustration of coffee with heart,logo like,brand

Readers who are familiar with the series know that Cassie is the proud owner of Divine Drip, a local coffee shop. Customers go there for the awesome coffee, but Cassie also sells pastries, kolaches, cupcakes, and in the morning she also does a hopping business selling homemade breakfast tacos.

Curious readers will meet Samson in Bunny and the Beast, since he plays a large role at Hazelle House, along with Joseph’s other close friend Randall. They’re his right-hand men, since Joseph can’t be there 24/7 and still have time for romancing his little firecracker. Ivan will make his first appearance in the course of his story…unless he hijacks the Divine Tease to share some culinary finesse. Man, now my mouth is watering. 😀

Speaking of mouth-watering, share with me in a comment: Are you a coffee-drinker or a tea-drinker? And if either of those appeal to you, tell me your idea or recipe for a perfect cup of coffee or tea. Do you drink it strictly in the morning or do you like a shot of java in the afternoon like I do…or better yet, coffee with dessert? Tell me how you like it. 😉

Seize the day, baby!



  1. I love coffee and tea. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning with half and half. During the day I may have Iced Coffee. I make the iced coffee at home-espresso and regular coffee over ice, no cream or sugar.
    I drink Unsweet Tea Iced with meals and if it is a hot day (Florida, what else). In the evening, I drink one cup of hot tea to relax.

  2. Heather, I’m afraid I don’t drink coffee or tea, but I love a well prepared cup of hot chocolate with just a touch of nutmeg and melted marshmallows.

  3. HI Heather,
    Can’t wait for paperback on Violets Story and Bunny Story. Love the Series.
    I drink Chai Tea here on the Islands. I do drink Kona Coffee but only before 7pm. I cant sleep if I had after 7pm. I did drink Steamed apple juice and a 4 shot chai from Starbucks but got $$$ and a lot of carbs from that drink. Most the time it depends how much money I have in wallet if I get coffee or tea. Hope that helps aloha / mahalo Janis h

  4. Heather, I love my morning coffee! Several years ago my Dr told me I needed to drink less caffeine so I cut out caffeinated soda and kept my coffee. I usually just drink one large cup (20-30 oz) a day but on occasion, especially in the winter, I will have a cup in the evening too. I love French Vanilla creamer in my coffee but again will occasionally try something different like chocolate hazelnut. My husband does this thing where he mixes two k-cups together, a coffee and a hot chocolate, making mocha coffee, and that is delicious. Good enough to be a dessert.
    I have every single book in the Divine series and recently finished Lumberjack Weekend! What I love about your stories is the way they make me laugh, cry, smile and fall in love. I am always a part of each story and that is why I read!
    I am eagerly awaiting Bunny and the Beast and all the books coming after that. Thank you so much for enriching my life!

  5. Hi Heather, I lovvvve my coffee. I’ll take it anyway and can get it. I recently went off it for 12 days for a cleanse. It nearly killed me. 😀
    Love the series can’t wait to read more. Just got to say after reading your series you inspired me to take up writing again. Lovin it along with my coffee.
    All the best

  6. Coffee 🍵 coffee coffee! Always love my coffee even at night! Occasionally I do drink tea, but I live and breath for my coffee. If I’m having tea it has to have honey! My normal coffee is loaded with liquid flavored creamer. Usually Hazelnut. I love the taste of the white chocolate -raspberry though. If I’m out and get a coffee from Starbucks its usually a frozen Carmel macchiato. Either way is fine by me. As I said before I LOVE MY COFFEE 🍵. Can’t wait till Cassie’s story comes out! I just got finished with lumberjack weekend (WOW super hot read). Eagerly awaiting when I can download my preordered copy of Bunny &the Beast!!! Hope there are many more to come!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Yes, I have plenty more planned. 😀 I love Starbucks frozen macchiato too! As long as I can start my day with one cup of creamy sweet coffee I’m good, and then in the afternoon, when I start drooping about 2:00-3:00 I like another cup. I’m also one of those people who want coffee with dessert when I go out to eat on the occasional date night. 😀

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