Charity Auction Benefiting Cancer Survivors

I’m writing this from my local hospital. Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m just sitting in the lobby while it pours rain outside. Gracie is a long walk across the parking lot and I forgot my umbrella. I have big Texas hair and I don’t “do” walking in the rain very well. It’s warmish this morning so later on it’s going to feel like a bayou swamp outside.

I’m here at the hospital because every year, on or near my birthday, I have a mammogram done. When I was in my twenties I recalled hearing women talk about these simple diagnostic tests with cringing and complaining. I also remember the funny cartoon with the lady whose breasts were smashed flat like pancakes.

Fast forward twenty-something years and I’ve had kids, “the girls” have seen duty, miles, and wear and tear…and I’ve been having mammograms regularly for about seven years now. For a couple of years I neglected regular exams and screenings and then one of my author friends had a cancer scare. Thankfully, she’s clear now but she put the question to me.

“When was the last time you had a pap smear and a mammogram?”

“Well…I’m just so busy.”

“Bullshit. Make the appointment.”

I’m glad she did because when I went in, my gynecologist detected a problem that led to me having a hysterectomy in January of 2013. Since then, I’ve begun asking that question of my friends.

I’m honored to be participating again this year in the Inner Goddesses charity auction, which benefits The Pink Door, an organization that helps cancer survivors get back on their feet after cancer treatment.


In writing His Tattooed Virgin, I did a lot of research on the subject because my heroine, Jayne Sheridan, was a cancer survivor, who had put her life on hold during treatment which stretched out into years.

I’ve donated an autographed copy of His Tattooed Virgin, along with other Divine items, to the auction, which runs from May 2-May 10. The link for the event is right here

Many other authors have also donated signed books, e-books, autographed items, and other cool items as well. You can access the full list of auction items and a list of the authors donating right here


I hope that you’ll get in on the bidding and help to make the charity auction a huge success.

So…I have a question for you, lady…

When was the last time you went in for a routine checkup, like a pelvic exam, a pap smear, or a mammogram? If you’re taking your health seriously, and going for these on a regular basis then I have another question for you.

What about the man in your life?

Is he old enough for routine prostate exams? Can’t imagine having that conversation with him? I’ll hold your hand while you show him this post.

Go ahead, I’ll wait while you take this to him to show him:

Honey, It’s time to talk about visiting your doctor and getting a prostate exam. I know the thought makes you clench but I need you to do it. I want you with me (us) for a long, long time to come. Look at it this way…at least they won’t crank you open with a speculum or smash your ‘nads between two glass plates to do this test. All you have to do is relax, and turn your head and cough.

There. That’s my public service announcement and promo for the charity auction. We can now return to the naughty, smutty fun.

(This blog post was first shared in 2013 but has since been updated to be timely for the 2015 event.)



  1. Great story Heather, annual exam is a must, I detest the mammogram, but it has to be done. I have a colonoscopy to due when i get back from my Dallas trip and i am not looking forword to it! They say it’s part of life, so we have to do it! It’s nice that one a year you remind us! Love ya! See you soon!

  2. Great post Heather! So many women … and men do not to these, when I hear a ” why should I, I am healthy” or “I am too busy” especially from my friends, I feel like smacking them. It is once a year, 1 hour of their time. It pays to have an advance warning of anything irregular. I have the Pap test done every year, as for mammograms my doctor told me that I am too young, she checks them when I go for the annual exam and I do it every so often. My hubby goes for his exam because he has to 😉 Loved your book “His Tattooed Virgin”!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly on this subject Heather. Like you, I have been having regular mammograms and pap smears for years. If we don’t look after our own health and well being who will. I overheard 2 you women in the chemist one day talking about pap smears, How embarrassing it would be and “icky”. Couldn’t help myself and said to them “if you don’t look after yourself who will?” I don’t know if it did any good or not. But ignorance can extract a high price one day. I also make sure my husband of 45 years is taken care off. I want us both to be around for many years to come.
    regards Ann

  4. I have them every year being a breast cancer survior(12y). I dont have a partner yet.. when i do i will let him know. I keep letting women and men that you know your body better than anyone. so check and double check and live.
    mm mp

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