Divine Grace

Divine Creek Ranch 1

The men of the Divine Creek Ranch have found the woman they’ve dreamed of. Jack loves voluptuous Grace’s giving heart and blushing cheeks. Ethan loves her wild innocence and loyalty. Adam fell in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her.

With the help of these three handsome men, Grace frees herself from an abusive boyfriend. She loves them all and knows she could never choose between them—Jack for his teasing nature, Ethan for his intuition, and Adam for his gentle ways. When danger and calamity threaten, her men proved they will protect and defend her. Grace learns what it means to be desired, pursued, and protected by three gorgeous men, finding that they will do anything to please her along the way.

Can they prove to Grace they want forever and not just a fling? Can Grace heed the advice of her sister and seize the day?

Note: This is an epic-length novel at 200,000 words.


The excerpts below contain explicit adult language and sexual content. By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

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Adam hissed softly when she wrapped her delicate little hand around his aching cock and stroked back and forth. In length, Adam was a little longer than Ethan, but they were roughly the same in girth.


“To be honest, baby, when I imagined our first time together, I always pictured slow, sweet lovemaking in the missionary position, maybe with your legs thrown over my arms, holding you wide open. I’m glad you like to watch us make love to you because you’ll be able to watch in that position. Jack, maybe we should get Grace some freestanding mirrors for her bedroom.”

He grinned at Jack’s indulgent nod and hum of affirmation.

“Later, I want to try every position you can imagine, especially rear entry, with your knees spread wide while I stand behind you and pump into you and play with your clit. Would you like a mirror in here so you could watch me do that?” He helped her lie down on her pillows again. She opened her thighs to place a foot on either side of him on the mattress. When she did, he could see that she was wet with need, and the sweet scent of her desire filled his nostrils.

“Mmm, you like what I’m telling you, don’t you? I smell your sweet cream. You must be flooded with it.” Unable to resist, he reached out a hand and trailed his fingertips gently over her mound. A fingertip slid into her slit, lightly grazing over her clit, and she moaned in need. “You know, a chaise lounge near the fireplace in your new bedroom would be a nice piece of furniture to have. If we found one just the right height, I could bend you over the back of it and you could take my cock from behind while you suck on Ethan’s or Jack’s cock as he kneels on the seat.”

“I like the way you think, man.” Ethan palmed his cock as Jack agreed, doing the same thing as they watched.

“But for tonight, baby, I just want to make love to you the sweet, old-fashioned way. Man on top, missionary. I’ll use the lubricant and take it real slow for you.” Please, help me take it slow!

“Good luck with that, dude. Wait till you feel how tight, hot, and slick she is.” Ethan handed Adam the lubricant, then reached out to suckle and lick one of her nipples. Adam wanted her to be as ready as she could be for him because he knew his size was going to push her limits.

“Baby, how do you feel about us going down on you when one of us has already come inside of you? Would it bother you if I went down on you right now? Because it won’t bother me.”

“No, Adam, I would rather have taken a shower if you wanted that, at least tonight. I think I will probably lose my inhibitions about it in the coming days, but for tonight, if it’s all right with you, I’d rather not.”

Adam nodded as he leaned down to kiss her. He poured a generous amount of lubricant onto his hand and fingers, which he reached down and applied to her pussy. He poured more in his hand and applied it to his cock. The fact that she watched him hungrily as he did this only made his insistent cock even harder.

He wiped his hands on a towel and positioned her the way he wanted her, her legs spread, knees only slightly bent. Jack and Ethan caressed her arms, mirroring each other, and then caressed her breasts, before leaning in for a taste of her tight nipples. She moaned, and her back arched. It was beautiful, the way she responded to all of them together like this. She never shut anybody out but allowed them to touch her and love her as they were able. He knew he was ruined for any other woman.

When he was satisfied that he had her the way he wanted her, he moved into position between her thighs.

He growled softly as he saw the evidence of how highly aroused she was, dripping from her inner lips because she was so ready for him. He was pleased beyond measure when more seeped from her opening at his low growl. Damn, but she responded beautifully, so sexy. He parted her inner lips and pressed the head of his penis to her wet, quivering entrance. The heat felt incredible.

“You look so beautiful like this, baby. Spread wide for me, parting like a little flower, letting me in so sweetly. The lube is helping already, isn’t it? I want to slide into you so bad, baby. Ethan, you were right. It’s gonna be hard to hold back.”

Ethan and Jack released her nipples so they could lean forward to watch, but his little sweetheart stayed exactly as he had positioned her. He lifted her knees and spread her thighs wide over his forearms, giving him his fantasy, though he could tell she wanted to move badly as she clutched at Jack and Ethan. She allowed him complete control of the moment.

He rested his hands on the tops of her inner thighs, and he looked down into her eyes. The entrance of her pussy clenched on the head of his penis. This was their moment, their dream coming true. He pressed his slippery cock into her an inch or two. He groaned softly as her slick pussy accepted him easily. He’d been genuinely concerned. She moaned in pleasure.

“Oh! Adam,” she whispered softly. “It’s so sweet, just the way I imagined it. So big, filling me.” He groaned deeply as her pussy stroked his cock with her inner muscles, and she flexed against him, trying to take more. “Baby, it won’t take much. I’m going to come easy for you.” He felt engulfed by her warm, slick sweetness. He thrust against her gently and gained ground with each stroke. She became restless, and her cunt began to tighten around him.

“Good, then maybe I’ll make you come twice.” The lubricant helped so much, and it was a good thing because he felt like he might even be increasing in size inside her, she felt so fucking good.

“You doing okay, baby? Want more?”

“Yes, give me some more, Adam.”

He held on to her thighs and flexed his hips a little, struggling not to slide all the way home. His cock slid in easily another couple of inches.

“Damn, that’s hot.” Jack groaned. “That is a beautiful pink pussy. I just can’t say it enough, darlin’. Your pussy is the sweetest, prettiest pink I’ve ever seen. Mmm, you start that slide in and out, and she’s going to come quick. Listen to her breathing. How does it feel, darlin’?”

“Like heaven.” She sighed.

Adam kept to the slow, steady rhythm, giving her a chance to adjust to his size.

“Does it hurt at all, darlin’?” Jack asked as he caressed her cheek.

“No, do you like it, Adam? Do I feel good?”

“Oh, baby, you do, so hot and tight, like you were squeezing me. Are you okay? Can I give you more?”

“Why don’t you give it all to me? Slide it in slow and easy, oh, baby! That is amazing!”

He didn’t ask if he hurt her because he could see the happiness radiate from her face and hear it in her voice. He really wasn’t hurting her, and he had worried for nothing. He’d thank Ethan later for remembering the lube.

He was all the way in. He released her thighs and lowered himself to her torso, suckling on each breast before kissing her. He loved the feel of her delectable little body snuggled under his as she took every inch of his cock inside her, holding on to him so sweetly. She slid her palms up his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck, turning her head into his gentle kiss. She stroked her tongue against his, her natural womanly fragrance filling his nostrils.

“I love you.” Adam looked in her eyes as he kissed her face.

She shifted position slightly, lifting her legs to curl them around his thighs. She flexed her hips, and he moaned.

“Baby, that felt so hot. I can feel every little muscle spasm rippling over my cock.” He kissed her gently and said, “I want this to last for you, baby, give it to you just the way you want it. You want me to make love to you?” She shuddered and gasped as he flexed his hips, thrusting into her.

“Yes, Adam, I want it all. Everything.” And she only had to ask once. They both moaned as he slid nearly all the way out before plunging back in.

“Ethan, can you see her cream all over him?” Jack asked from beside Adam. “He must be stroking all the right spots. Grace is so responsive. I can only imagine how it must feel sliding into her sweet body like that.”

“I love those little pink lips of hers,” Ethan murmured softly, “stretched over Adam’s cock. You’re gonna love it, Jack. She’s so hot and sweet, tight as a vise. It sounds as if she likes listening to us. She’s dripping wet. Listen to the way she moans. That sound gets me hard just hearing it.”

Judging by how flooded with her cream she had become, she must have really enjoyed listening to them talk.

Adam leaned down to her, propping up over her on his elbows as his hips began to piston, pumping her harder, sliding his cock home, over and over. She held on to his arms to keep herself in place. She lifted her head, trying to see his cock as he slid in and out.

“Take her knees, help her, she wants to see.” Adam growled as he rose up onto his hands, pressing back on her knees gently. “Isn’t that right, baby? You want to see my cock fucking you? You like to watch us pumping into you? Tell me.”

“I do. I love to watch you slide that great big cock into my pussy. I love the way you fill me so full. You’re so big, Adam! Can you give it to me harder?”


Word Count: 200,066

Note: This is an epic-length novel at 200,000 words.

516 Pages

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