Heavenly Angel

Divine Creek Ranch 3

Angel Martinez has worked patiently for months to draw the fragile beauty out of her shell, wooing her with gentle kindness, and falling for her delightful two year old in the process.  Teresa left her painful past behind and built a new life for her and her son.  She cares deeply for Angel, but is afraid to let down her guard.  Just when she thinks she might be able to handle the flirtatious Divine Creek Ranch foreman, a holiday visitor arrives and throws her for a loop.  Fresh from a one-night stand, self confessed ‘rodeo slut’ bull-rider Joaquin Martinez shows up at his brother’s house Christmas Eve, and finds out for himself what love at first sight feels like.  She could barely handle one, now she’s got two Martinez brothers after her.  Can she forget the past and fall for both her heavenly Angel and his handsome, devilish brother?


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Joaquin climbed into the saddle, and Angel assisted him in lifting Teresa carefully onto Deseo in front of Joaquin, sitting crossways on his lap. She wrapped her arms tightly around him, feeling a little nervous. It was just a horseback ride, but the moment felt huge, and she felt small and vulnerable. She looked up into Joaquin’s eyes, and he smiled at her, easily controlling the horse as he touched her cheek with the soft, work-worn leather of his glove.

“Now don’t you worry, sugar. Deseo loves women and won’t make any false moves with you in my arms. He doesn’t mind carrying the both of us. All you need to do is relax against me. Angel, let’s wrap that blanket around her legs.” The horse shifted slightly under their weight but made no other move. She caressed Deseo’s neck and patted him.

After they had her situated, Angel went back in the house and waved to them from the open front door. She hadn’t been on horseback in quite a while but relaxed against Joaquin, trusting that he would keep her safe. Deseo was a fine, beautiful animal, majestic in his stature and carriage, and she wondered briefly at the romantic sight they made riding off into the starlit night.

Once away from the house and the security lights, she looked up and sighed appreciatively at the night sky. The moon was nearly full and shown its light on their path. The night was still, and the smell of wood smoke from a chimney faintly scented the air. For a while they rode on in companionable silence, lulled by the rhythm Deseo created as he moved along at a leisurely pace.

“I think this is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me,” she said, snuggling into him with her hands drawn under her chin. His arms around her, holding her securely, felt like home.

“We were hoping for a nice, clear night tonight, and we lucked out.”

“It’s beautiful tonight.”

“Are you cold?”

“No, you bundled me up well, and the wool blanket helps, too. How about you?”

“Being near you keeps me warm. I’m fine.”

“I adore you,” she stated simply. “You make me happy.”

His lips were hot, pressed against her temple. “I’m glad to hear that, sugar. Oh, look. Did you see it?” He quickly pointed into the sky.

She looked up in time to catch the streak of white light that shot across the sky overhead. “Yes! I saw it,” she said as they reached the top of the rise and continued on.

“Aren’t you supposed to make a wish or something when you see a shooting star?”

“Yes. You make the wish.”

“I already have what I want. You make the wish,” he whispered in her ear as he nuzzled her. Deseo continued on at the same gentle gait.

“Okay.” She closed her eyes and leaned her head against his chest.

When Teresa opened her eyes, his bare hand was held up in front of her. In his fingers was a diamond ring. The platinum and diamonds glittered and shimmered ethereally in the bright moon and star light. She whimpered and slipped the glove from her hand to touch it.

“It’s beautiful, Joaquin.”

“I’ve loved you from the moment I first saw you, and it doesn’t matter if I’ve know you only four days or four years. You have a beautiful heart and a sweet spirit, and I absolutely, utterly adore you.”

Adult Excerpt

Joaquin reached for the robe as Angel did. They slid it from her body with a heavy sigh from them both. She was glad the candles made the room dim, so she wasn’t so self conscious of her blushing.

Angel slowly sighed as he looked her over. “Teresa, all the times I ever fantasized about you, my imagination never did you justice.” he murmured.

Joaquin’s voice was a velvety whisper. “Every inch of you is lovely, sugar.”

Joaquin feathered his fingers through her hair, stroking her neck, and then slid his hand down over the curve of her spine, drawing a shiver in the wake of his fingers until he reached the top of her hip and paused there. His thumb stroked the inner curve of her hip, and the small but intimate touch almost made her knees buckle.

Angel gazed into her eyes, and his fingertips lightly slid from her cheek down to her throat. Her breath hitched as his fingers continued their motion past the hollow at the base of her throat and slowly trailed between her breasts.

The backs of his fingers brushed the underside of her breast, and he whispered, “Like silk.” Then he stroked her nipple with his thumb.

She stifled a moan as Joaquin’s fingers stroked at the base of her spine.  The folds between her legs flooded with moisture and pulsed.

“She’s trembling,” Joaquin said.

She allowed him and Angel to draw her with them onto the sheets. Joaquin helped her to the middle of the bed and kissed her, still stroking her.

“How do you feel?” Angel asked before tenderly kissing her.

“Wobbly and excited. Nervous.” She lay back with Joaquin’s help.

They lay down on either side of her and continued to stroke her, their body heat and nearness reassuring her. Their hands were so gentle on her arms, her face, and her abdomen and down her thighs and calves, and the trembling deep inside her increased. They stroked her breasts, delighting in her nipples that were tight and ultra responsive.

Joaquin murmured, “Her skin feels like warm satin. I’ll bet she tastes sweet as honey.”

She laid her head back and sighed blissfully, swamped in the eroticism of the moment. Listening to his sexy drawl made her even wetter. He wanted to taste her? As in lick her?

Angel brushed his lips against her forehead while his he cupped the underside of her breast. “Sweetheart, we don’t want to make assumptions, so I’m just going to ask. Do you know what an orgasm is?” Teresa nodded mutely, trusting him fully. “Have you ever had an orgasm before?” She hesitated, “Have you ever come before?”

She shook her head. No, she never had.

“To come, or have an orgasm, are two different ways of saying the same thing. It’s a climax of pleasure. You’re going to have at least one tonight,” Angel murmured playfully as he kissed her lips again.


“Do you like us both touching you at the same time?” Angel asked, smiling when she nodded vigorously. “It doesn’t scare you?”

She sighed shakily and whispered, “No. I l–like it a lot.”

He smiled as she gazed up into his sensual, golden gaze. “Good. We want to taste your skin, is that all right?”

Like he had to ask? She nodded breathlessly.

The place between her legs throbbed as they put their lips on her skin. Joaquin tasted her throat, his lips and tongue sliding over her collarbone in teasing, feathery touches before his hot lips settled over her nipple and her back bowed off the bed. She felt, once again, like she was on the crest of something huge, like riding a tidal wave. Angel’s lips and tongue caressed her other nipple, and she was overwhelmed by the erotic onslaught. They tongued the underside of her breasts then looked at each other and smiled at her.

“You are delicious, both your scent and your taste,” Joaquin whispered to her before his mouth and Angel’s continued down her abdomen and kissed her C-section scar one at a time before moving over her hip bones. Angel growled softly before moving on to her thigh, whispering, “My mouth is watering for your little pussy.”

His words inflamed her, and her sheath pulsed achingly as she trembled under their lips. She thought she might explode at any moment.

Angel whispered to Joaquin, “She’s about to go over. Help her, then I want to taste her. Joaquin is going to touch the place between your legs, your clit. Will you come for him?”

She nodded, her breath came in high-pitched pants as her back arched, waiting for Joaquin’s touch. Angel kissed her as he rubbed a nipple between his fingers and whispered, “It will feel so good you’ll want to cry out. Don’t hold back, beautiful.”

Joaquin’s exquisitely gentle fingers slid between her lips over the aching bundle of nerves at her apex. She let loose a shuddering gasp as one of his fingers slid into her entrance.

“So hot and wet.” He growled deeply as he stroked in and out.

Teresa’s body drew up tight, and her breath turned to rapid, sobbing pants. Angel’s lips descended on hers, muffling her cries as the tidal wave crashed over her, around her, and within her. Joaquin stroked her through the first orgasm she’d ever had. Her sheath clutched at his fingers as she thrust against his hand in a rocking rhythm her body instinctively knew.

When the pulsing waves receded, she opened her eyes and looked up in wonder at Joaquin. She was mesmerized as she watched him slide his fingers into his mouth. He closed his eyes slowly, licking every drop from his hand as if it were nectar.

“Sweet, like I knew she would be,” Joaquin murmured as he moved to her side and stroked her abdomen with a warm hand. “Angel wants to taste you, here.” He stroked over her mound, his fingertips in close proximity to her sensitive clit, which drew a gasp from her. “Will you let him?”

She nodded, as Angel lifted her thighs and placed them over his shoulders.


Word Count: 116,740

371 Pages

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