Her Gentle Giant: Part Two

Remember To Dance

Rachel and Eli prepare for a future together, as Grace and Kelly plan their Christmas-time wedding.  Eli makes it worthwhile for Rachel to master her jealous tendencies as he shows her how much fun loving him can be.  When Rachel comes face to face with painful memories from her past she claims to have moved on, but Eli struggles with the need to avenge the wrong done to her.  A shocking revelation comes to light and the men of Divine Creek Ranch take matters into their own hands to make sure justice is served.  Will it be enough to satisfy Eli?  Caught up in the plans of friends and family, Rachel faces the ultimate test of a bride-to-be’s faith in her prospective bridegroom.   Grace and their friends surprise Rachel and Eli with a pre-wedding celebration, and Rachel must decide if her trust in Eli is absolute?

Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
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“Did you fantasize about what you would do to me tonight? How did you take me?” Rachel asked as she caressed his abdomen and his thickly muscled chest.


Eli slid his hands up and down her back and over her bare ass then gripped her buttocks and pressed her to his rock-hard cock. He gazed at her with glittering eyes in the soft light from the candles as he looked into hers. “I want to sit on the edge of the bed, like we did before, and use the mirror to watch. But I want you to face me this time so I can kiss you and look into your eyes as you ride my cock. Then I want to make love to you slowly on your back, with your hair laid out over my pillow and your legs spread wide in my hands. Then I want to take your ass.”

His words fanned flames that blazed into an inferno inside her. A soft, lustful groan fell from her lips at the vivid images he planted in her mind, and her pussy began to ache in a way only he could fix.

“If you’ll trust me, I’ll make it feel so good. I promise to go slow and stop if you need me to.”

“Of course I trust you, Eli. I’m going to love it.” Rachel put her arms back around his neck, and as he lifted her up to him, she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Eli opened the closet door and carried her to the edge of the bed, carefully sat down and scooted back. He helped Rachel onto her knees then held her hips when she rose over him, and her nipples rubbed against his chest hairs, drawing a shaky sigh from her. He positioned the thick head of his cock at her wet entrance, and she rocked her hips to take him in a tiny bit.

She paused and whispered, “Did you miss my pussy?”

“I missed your hot little pussy so much.” He groaned as her slick lips kissed his stiff cock. Rachel took fierce pleasure in the way the blunt head stretched her open that first inch or two before her body acquiesced to his entrance.

“Like I missed this great big, hard, long cock. I’m going to slide down over you nice and slow, gloving every last inch of you.” Rachel rocked her hips again, and the head was past the tight muscles of her entrance and engulfed inside her. She squeezed his cock as she rose again, tugging on his erection before sliding back down.  Eli sighed blissfully, and his fingertips slid lightly up her spine, causing her hips to flex involuntarily, and his cock slid farther into her pussy with her movements.

Rachel gazed in the mirror and moaned at the sight she and Eli made. It was so erotic, and she relished the thought they’d only gotten started. His cock was barely half-way lodged inside her pussy. He watched their reflection, too, and reached forward, grasping and gently lifting the cheeks of her ass so she could see her glistening pussy better. The movement parted her lips farther, and she slid down over the rest of his hard length as their eyes met in the mirror. Rachel smiled at the ecstasy on his face as his eyelids slid closed and his head tilted back. Her hips flexed forward, and she took him deep until he was seated completely within her. He held her hips still for a moment. She closed her eyes and listened to the warm, deep timbre of his voice.

“Don’t move, angel. I want to feel you. I missed you so much, all of you. This was what I wanted, to have you wrapped around me and me wrapped around you.” His hands slid all over her body, touching her cheeks, her throat, and her shoulders. He kissed her collarbones and stroked her ribs and her hips. 

Reaching behind her, Rachel stroked his testicles with her fingertips, taking him by surprise. She loved his moan of pleasure and the way he leaned his forehead against her shoulder, so vulnerable. She lifted slightly, tugging on his cock with her pussy muscles, and slid back down. Her honey coated his cock and made him slippery inside of her. 

Eli lifted his head and looked in her eyes, and then they both watched the mirror. She arched her back in pleasure, lifted off him until only the head remained inside her, and plunged back down over him. She loved the sight of his thick, warm cock easily sliding into her wet pussy. Each time she did it, her hips were angled so that her clit received maximum contact on both the upward motion as well as the downward slide. Each stroke to her clit drew her closer and closer to climax.

Eli growled softly as his fingertips found her rear opening. The sensation took her by surprise, and her breath left her in a shuddering gasp. He smiled at her with a possessive gleam in his eyes as one of his fingers circled her asshole and pressed insistently at the tight ring of muscles but didn’t enter yet. She turned and watched in the mirror as his middle finger slowly stroked that hole while she pumped up and down on him with a slowly increasing rhythm. Her juices flowed over him, and her clit dragged over his cock with each delicious thrust.

The finger at her puckered opening pressed insistently, and she whispered, “Yours, Eli, all yours.” 

“Mine,” he growled as he cupped her ass and helped her ride him, that finger still pressed against her.

Those tight muscles gave way and relaxed for him as her orgasm loomed over her. Eli’s finger slid inside her asshole and Rachel felt like her body shattered into a million sparks of combusting pleasure. She threw her head back and came with a long, rapturous cry of ecstasy and rode each pulse of her orgasm to utter satisfaction. He gripped her ass, thrust deep inside her and held her hips tightly. Eli’s head fell back, and he let loose with a loud yell. She clung to him and kissed his throat and his shoulders, glorying in the feel of his immense cock pulsing inside her.

Rachel lay limply against him when he lifted her hips and pulled out. He helped her under the covers with her head on his pillows and went to wash up. When he returned, she lifted the covers for him, and he climbed right on top of her. He covered her with his immense, comforting heat and kissed her tenderly. His cock was already hardening again, and she joyfully spread her legs for him as she watched him stroke himself. The sight of his hands on his cock turned her on, and she reached down to spread her pussy open for him and welcome him inside her. Yours. He smiled at her warm invitation and positioned his cock and growled again.

 In one slow, sinuous stroke, he impaled her, and she moaned in delight. She lifted her knees and offered herself to him. He held her ankles and gently spread her thighs open wide so he could watch as his cock slid out, dripping with her juices. He plunged back into her, growling with pleasure as he slid to the hilt. She held on to the headboard with one hand and slid the other down her abdomen. She stopped at the top of her mound and looked up at him.

“Yes, angel. Stroke your clit the way you like it. Mmm, I love the sight of those delicate little fingers stroking your pussy.” 

Her hips began to flex with his movements, and her touch at her clit had her on the verge of another orgasm. He released her ankles, grasped her hips and tilted them, and began thrusting against her sweet spot. Her eyes opened wide at the sudden onslaught of sensation, and she threw her head back, screaming as her orgasm exploded over her. She arched her back and fucked his cock for all she was worth and came again almost immediately.  He grasped her hips tightly as he thrust deep one last time and growled as his release jetted from him.

“Oh, Eli.” She sighed with a shaky breath. 

He rested his head beside hers and nuzzled her as he settled carefully over her. She stroked his arms, entwined her legs with his, and loved his encompassing warmth.

Rachel was overwhelmed by the deep attachment and love she felt for him, and a soft sob shuddered from her throat. Tears slid from her eyes and ran over her temples into her hair. He saw them, lifted his head to look into her eyes, and gently thumbed them away.

He kissed her lips tenderly. “Happy tears?”

“Yes.” She nodded. “Happy, joyful, ecstatic, and in love tears,” she murmured as she pressed her forehead to his shoulder. “I’m so thankful you didn’t give up on me when I kept turning you down.”

“I wanted you in the worst way, Rachel. There was nothing for me to do but persist,” he said with a soft chortle. “I’d still be asking you out today. The wait was worth it, angel.” He wiped her tears as they fell, drew her trembling body to his, and kissed her.

After a few minutes, she shifted under him, and he groaned at the movement and pressed his hips to her. She was amazed by his stamina as his hardening cock stroked her pussy. He rolled onto his back and drew her with him, holding her against his chest.

Nuzzling his pec, she asked, “Will you still…”

“Claim this sweet ass of yours? Yes.”


Word Count: 99,371 (in Part Two: Remember To Dance)

516 Pages (the paperback edition of Her Gentle Giant contains both Part One: No Regrets, and Part Two: Remember to Dance.)

This is an M/F romance; the main love story is between Rachel and Eli. This book also includes a second love story with several "follow-up" M/F/M ménage scenes involving the heroine and the heroes from Divine Grace, who now play secondary characters.


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