Rosemary’s Double Delight

Divine Creek Ranch 4

Rosemary is a firecracker, the one who completes them.  They’ve loved this fierce little ebony-haired beauty ever since kindergarten, even when she’s being a spoiled rotten brat. Brothers Wes and Evan Garner still adore Rosemary now that she’s a woman, but Evan has issues.  Her mouth gets her in trouble, Evan’s temper gets him in trouble, and even tempered Wes is always caught in the middle.  Rosemary won’t tolerate Evan’s controlling ways, especially when he threatens to spank her.  Why can’t Rosemary just do as Evan tells her, especially when it’s for her own good?  Wes spends his time making peace, when he’d rather make love.  They bring out the worst in each other, and hurt Wes in the process.  But she won’t give up because they’re also magical together, when they manage to get along! Add in a hot spanking and something’s gonna have to give.

Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
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An ache had been growing and intensifying in Rosemary’s body, their words and the timbre of their voices doing magical things to her insides. Evan’s words made the muscles in her pussy draw up as if they’d been plucked by unseen fingers, and his touch drew a rush of moisture there. Evan and Wes retreated quickly to their bedrooms to shower as well. Walking down the hall to her bedroom, she felt the dampness spreading to her outer lips. Hearing the showers come on in the men’s bathroom, she stripped her clothes from her body. She’d held off from making love with them, waiting for the right time. Now, she finally gave herself permission to live in this moment, however it turned out.

The hot shower felt so good on the tense muscles of her shoulders. Standing under the spray for at least five minutes, she reveled in the sensation of all the jets in the multiple shower heads. There was motivation enough right here to move in tomorrow. The shower was big enough for three with enough shower heads so that no one was left in the cold. Rosemaryheard a knock at the bathroom door, and Evan’s dark head poked in.

“You okay in here? Need anything?” Evan asked.

“Actually, I could use shampoo and a bottle of body wash. I didn’t look before I got in.”

“Can I come in? I’ll get it from the linen closet for you.”

“Sure. But I’m nekkid,” she replied with a giggle.

“Mmm, you tempt me, woman.” Evan’s resonant voice sent a bolt of heat straight to her clit. At this rate, they’d have the robe off and her legs spread before she even got to the bed. He brought it to the foggy glass door of the shower and tapped with his knuckle.

“Here you go.”

Sliding the door open, she could see that his hair was wet, and his lean hips were wrapped in a bath towel. The towel did nothing to hide his stiff cock, which stood at attention. Biting her lip, she slid the shower door open farther, taking in the sight of him as she offered him the same courtesy. At his groan of appreciation, she glanced up into his bedroom eyes and absently took the bottles he offered. His turbulent brown eyes were half closed, and she’d have to be blind not to see the love and desire that glowed there. The muscles in his jaw looked tense, like he was gritting his teeth together.

Rosemary watched, entranced, as he reached a hand out to her. A whimper escaped her when the back of his knuckles traced the underside of her breasts, stroking from one to the other over her damp skin. Turning his hand, he cupped her left breast and stroked his callused thumb over her peaked nipple. His raspy touch sent fiery tingles from her nipple straight to her cunt. Even with the hot water running over her, she felt the heated rush of moisture that flooded her pussy, causing her lips to swell in eager arousal at his touch. He removed his hand as if he’d awoken from a trance.

“Sorry, I’ll let you finish.”

Shakily, she whispered to him, “I’ll be done in a few minutes.”

“We’ll be in the bedroom.”

Before she slid the glass door closed, she said, “You’re good for a girl’s ego, honey.”

“My pleasure,” he murmured and exited the bathroom. Closing her eyes, she felt the magnetic pull from the bedroom. She moaned as she recalled his touch, and her body flared with aching desire. Her hands shook as she poured the shampoo and smiled at the slow, burning anticipation that flared between her legs.

When she was ready, she stepped from the bathroom into the walk-in closet and slipped into the sheer, black lace robe she’d placed in there earlier in the day. Feeling sexy as she went into the bedroom, she saw the interest flash in her men’s eyes. Maybe they were expecting a robe that actually covered her up? She savored the sight of them lying diagonally on her bed, both their hips wrapped in towels, their twin erections unmistakable underneath.

The thought of being penetrated by both at the same time sent a spear of raging lust to her pussy, and her inner muscles clenched in need of being filled.


“Mmm, beautiful. What a pretty, little bare pussy you have,” Evan murmured straightforwardly and kissed the space at the juncture between her mound and thigh then slid his tongue straight up her slit.

Rosemary cried out at the sudden stimulation on her sensitive flesh. Wes stroked a nipple with his fingertips as he feathered kisses along her collarbone. Both men grinned happily at her outcry.

“Did you like that, Rosemary?” Evan asked, smiling devilishly before feasting greedily on her pussy. Wes was all finesse. The slow, erotic buildup to the ecstatic explosion that left her quivering and sated. Evan’s technique was more of a sneak attack that she had a feeling was going to culminate in an eruption of volcanic proportions.

“Oh! Yes, so much!”

The pleasurable, rippling spasms that signaled the arrival of her orgasm had begun to shiver through her pussy when Evan suddenly switched gears. He smiled wickedly at Rosemary’s whine of frustration and stroked her slowly and lovingly with his tongue, which sent her flying higher and higher. She moaned his name when he slipped first one, then two fingers inside her pussy. Her pussy muscles grabbed on to him, and she knew Evan could feel her trembling in anticipation.

“Oh yes, honey!” she cried out when his talented fingers found her sweet spot. She flew even higher. Her muscles felt like they were squeezing his fingers impossibly tighter.

In a gravelly voice that made her pussy quiver, Evan murmured, “I can’t wait to be inside you, Rosemary. To feel you squeezing my cock like you’re gripping my fingers right now. You’re trembling. You must want more.” Evan stroked her clit with his thumb while he massaged her G-spot. The joyous, inevitable slide to orgasm took hold, and she moved uninhibitedly with the certainty of it.

Wes hummed in pleasure as he stroked her breast. “She loves it, Evan. Look at her beautiful smile. Would you like more, Rosemary?” Wes didn’t wait for an answer as he latched on to her nipple with his hot mouth and suckled with more urgency, escalating the pitch of her panting moans.

“Evan!” was all Rosemary could manage as she moved with him. Her eyes slammed closed, and she threw her head back as Evan lowered his mouth to her mound once again and whispered against her pulsating flesh.

He flicked her clit firmly with the tip of his tongue and bore down on both sides of it with his lips over his teeth, gripped it firmly, and flicked some more.

Rosemary’s body bore down harder, and she screamed rapturously, her orgasm rushing through her body in wave after mind-numbing wave of ecstasy. Her cream flooded her pussy as she rode his fingers and lips. She experienced a mini-orgasm when Evan growled against her clit as he lapped her cream from her. She caught her breath as he continued to lick and nuzzle her, sliding his fingers from her pussy when she was finished and gazing at her, a positively primal glint in his dark eyes.

“Figured it out, didn’t you?” Wes asked, stroking her abdomen with gentle fingertips, causing her to quiver. Evan nodded as he released her thighs and looked into her eyes. He seemed filled with tension as she stretched and smiled blissfully at him. She realized at some point he’d removed the towel from his hips as she was able to finally see his cock for the first time.

Evan was beautiful, and he was hers. It was so thick she would barely be able to wrap her fingers all the way around it, and wonderfully long and hard. A happy sigh escaped her as she touched him for the first time. He groaned when she took him in her hand and stroked his length. His cock was hot and very hard, indeed.

Stilling her hand, Evan murmured, “I want to last for you. Keep doing that and I’ll embarrass myself.”

Evan stroked her left thigh and lifted her knee to his side, positioning the blunt head of his cock so that her fevered wet entrance kissed it greedily. She pressed back against him trying to take him inside her.

Lowering his lips to hers, Evan kissed her deeply then nuzzled her lips, holding his position outside her entrance. “I want to be your man, Rosemary. I’m done trying to control you and crowd you into doing things my way. I want to be a man you’d be proud to call yours.” His voice was a rich, resonant caress, and his words were a balm for every hurt he’d ever caused. Arousal built inside her explosively, and she tilted up for his kiss again, her fingers cupping his cheekbones.

For a few seconds, she gazed into his eyes, wanting to remember this moment forever. “We’ve waited a long time, Evan,” she whispered, her eyes overflowing and heart pounding as he lifted her to him and pressed his thick, hard length home.


Word Count: 60,725

195 Pages

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