Summer’s Indiscretion

Divine Creek Ranch 7

Summer Heston is ready to give up on men and has sworn off blind dates permanently. A chance text message and phone conversation with two mysterious friends of Grace’s changes her mind. A dangerous situation literally thrusts her into their powerful arms as the attacks on her ladies’ adults-only boutique escalate and the tone of the Divine Morality blog grows more blatantly hateful.

Ace and Kemp work diligently to protect the women of Discretion while simultaneously striving to win Summer’s heart. A minor mistake on Kemp’s part has big repercussions for their budding romance as their ability to withstand their growing attraction for Summer crumbles. When their passion finally flares out of control their intimate tryst becomes much more than a minor indiscretion.

When an old flame knocks at the door, Summer must face her doubts and make a decision. Can she trust her instincts?

Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
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Adult Excerpt

Summer’s heart pounded, and she giggled as she rounded the leather couch. She was currently dodging Ace, who was stripping as he stalked her, dropping his clothes wherever he stood. “I promise you, kitten. Wherever you are when I catch you, that’s the spot you’re getting it.”


Biting her lower lip in anticipation, Summer watched as he toed his boots off. She edged toward the end of the couch, hoping to make it to the stairs. His eyes glittered with lust, and she knew he would enjoy the chase as much as he would the capture.

“Ten second head start?” she asked hopefully as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“Five seconds, if you run now.” He started toward her, and she shrieked and dashed for the stairs, her lavender satin robe swirling in her wake to reveal her bare legs as she mounted them. She paused and looked behind her and heard the deep murmur of her men’s voices in brief conversation before he ran for the stairs.

Summer shrieked again when he made eye contact with her and charged after her. Thinking it would be too easy for her to run into the bedroom, she headed straight for the French doors that led onto the upstairs deck from the central upstairs room and rushed through them. Closing them quietly, she backed away from them. She caught movement in the corner of her eye through the bedroom window and jumped practically from her skin when she saw him cutting across the bedroom to catch her. Summer skirted the hot tub and ran for the stairs as she heard him open the doors.

Her pussy seeped with wet heat when he said, “The first thing I’m going to do is spank you for making me work so hard to catch you.”

“Is that supposed to scare me?” she replied with a giggle as she fled down the stairs and around the corner to the poolside. She heard him on the stairs and realized he was closing in on her. Barefooted, Summer darted across the pebble surface and heard him running behind her as she rounded the next turn.

She giggled gleefully as her robe sailed behind her and ran for the timbered entrance to the garden room. One of them had guessed this was where she would run because the weather cover for the outdoor bed had been removed and there was a bottle of chilled, white wine and a single wineglass on the small table beside the bed.

Summer watched Ace as he approached the garden room, catching a glimpse of him through the leaves and branches of the living enclosure. The sky glowed with post-sunset light, casting everything around her in dusky shadows. They’d gotten another rain shower earlier, and the scent of damp earth and plant life hung in the air.

He made eye contact with her and said, “Strip.”

She backed away as he stalked toward her with his chest bared. He must’ve discarded his shirt, socks, and pants on the chase because he now stood proud and very erect in his snug, white knit boxers. Their body-hugging fit left no doubt as to his state of arousal because she could clearly make out the ridge of his hardened shaft stretching upward to the waistband.

Her pussy responded welcomingly to the sight, and she reached for the satin belt on her robe. Stripping was a simple matter as she untied it and opened the front of her robe. Her flesh was bare beneath it, and she smiled with anticipation as he looked her up and down and licked his lower lip. She gave her shoulders a leisurely shrug, and the robe slipped down. She caught it in her hands and laid it on the bed.

As he watched her, she smiled and faced the end of the big bed. She leaned forward a bit and positioned her hands flat on the end of the bed, exposing her bare ass for his attention. She gasped and bit her lip as he drew near. His body heat caused a rivulet of desire to course through her as she felt the light stroke of his fingertips sliding up her spine. She tilted her head back, and her lips parted on a moan at his tickling, teasing touch.

He slid his fingertips back down, gliding over her hip and ass, then cupped one cheek in his warm palm. He squeezed, and she felt a corresponding convulsion in her pussy. If he delved much lower, he’d discover how she responded to his touch. She was drenched and ready for whatever came next.

He squeezed the other cheek and began massaging it. The heat in her flesh built up against the palm of his hand, and she shuddered in anticipation. When the sharp, openhanded slap landed solidly against her rounded ass cheek she gasped at the sting. He rubbed over where his hand had landed and then applied another to the other cheek.


Her pussy tightened and her derriere bloomed with heat as he caressed it with his open palm and then delivered several more lighter, stinging pops. The heat radiated from his hand as he cupped her cheek and then slid his fingertips to her cleft and trailed them through her slick cunt.

“What a sweet, wet pussy.”

She sensed him change position and moaned when she suddenly felt his hot mouth at her cunt. He licked and caressed her with his tongue, taking time to tease and flick her clit as he gently held her open. Her cunt tightened with each touch until she was on the verge of climax. She froze as the pulses of an orgasm echoed distantly and then groaned in frustration as he pulled away.

“Impatient little kitten. I think Kemp spoiled you this afternoon.” He patted her ass and said, “Get on the end of the bed, on your knees.”



Word Count: 85,478

274 Pages

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