YouTube Channel


Music is a major part of my creative process, and I listen to a wide variety from country to rock and roll and alternative while I write. Often, I’ll set a song on repeat while I write scenes and I’ve been known to loop the same song for entire writing days if it’s inspiring me enough.

A devoted fan and an admin of my readers’ group, the Divine Divas, created a YouTube channel devoted to my writing playlists so she could listen while she read the books in the series. She’s generously curated playlists for every title in the series and shared this YouTube channel with me, and I share it with readers with her blessing. Thanks Angie! <3

To listen, click the button to visit the main playlist page

Readers who are interested in the “lists only” can still find them on the individual book pages on my website.

I don’t own or imply ownership of any of the videos, just want to share the enjoyment of the artists and music that inspire me with readers.