You Don’t Know Me, But…

Ethan Grant's Slices of Life BannerThis week’s Slice doesn’t involve a pickup “line” so much as a pickup “song.”

This was a gutsy move, especially to those of us who are melodically-challenged. Lucky for Will, he’s not scared of singing in front of a group, or to win a lady’s attention. I think his confidence, choice of song, timing, all played a part in her answer. By timing, I mean he waited until a certain young woman named Amy had had a drink.

Amy was seated at the bar with a female coworker talking about the miserable place they worked at which is a local insurance agency. While they were commiserating, Will walked over to the DJ booth looking determined and convinced Dave the DJ to give him the microphone for a minute. Yes, our DJs can be bought, LOL.

Will walked up to Amy and started singing “Hey Girl” by Billy Currington. He remembered the lyrics and was actually pretty good, especially considering there was no music accompanying him.

Everybody cheered for him after he sang the first verse and the chorus. Amy, who was blushing beet red by the time he finished, said, “Would you like to join me?”

After returning the microphone to Dave, Will sat down and introduced himself to her. They’d been talking for a short time when Amy’s coworker got up to leave.

bigstock-Boots-are-for-Walkin--10686530Looking suddenly worried, Will said, “I’m really sorry if I interrupted your girl’s night out. I know I kind of just busted in while the two of you were talking.”

She chuckled and walked up to Will and said, “Honey, all you had to do was say hello, but I like your style. Amy really likes you.”

She left and the two sat together the rest of the night, when they weren’t on the dance floor. Dave even played “their song” for them. Sometimes I guess it just takes the right song…